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Letters and Leaves

on November 6, 2012
Vincent is really catching on these days.  Yes, he’s nearly five, but he just isn’t all that interested in writing or anything like that.  He knows his letters and the sounds they make and knows a lot of little facts and things, even about photosythesis!  He came into his room Monday morning and got his special “Vincent” pillow that Grandma Shirley made him and went out to the family room and made his name just like the letters on his pillow.

 See?  Cool, right? Now to get him writing it…

Abby and Vincent helped me clean up some leaves Tuesday morning after we dropped the girls off at school.  We filled up our garbage can in a half hour.  We actually didn’t even rake the leaves on the grass because Andy will mow them.
Our flag is up for Election Day and Abby and Vincent were excited to see it.  Our Boy Scouts put them up for the holidays as a fundraiser.

Vincent was a big helper cleaning up the leaves and throwing them in the trash.  He did want to bury himself in them once though.

 Abby likes to rake.

 I love fall and the beautiful colors.

PS.  Everyone is reminding people to vote on their blogs.  I say if you don’t know when, where, how, why, or who to vote for, don’t.
You obviously aren’t paying attention to politics and have no idea what you’re doing if you know nothing about when, where, how, why, or who.
Who gets you dressed in the morning anyway?


One response to “Letters and Leaves

  1. Mary says:

    Cute Kids. Glad you were flying your Flag too. Hug your babies a little tighter tonight for Grandma.

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