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Copy Cat

on November 10, 2012
I asked Andy to take my picture before our date Saturday night.  The last time I wore this sweater was in March and it didn’t fit as nice.  I took several inches off the sides and arms to make it fit my shape better now that I have lost a bunch of weight.  I like it much more.  
I took in the seams of another sweater that I bought on clearance the end of last winter that was a 2X last week and had to take it in close to 10 inches.  It now fits me and I love it.
Abby wanted her picture taken too and posed just like I did.

 Elizabeth vacuumed before the babysitter came over.

 Andy and I went to try a place that my former walking buddy Rachel had purchased a gift certificate for through restaurant.com, but they were out of business, so we went to Grill on Gage instead.  They had great soups and sandwiches.  I had the BLT and broccoli cheddar soup and Andy had the Cuban with some chili. Decent prices too.
Then we went bowling, using some bowling cards that my friend Rachel found and sent to me after she moved to Wisconsin.  Andy and I bowled two games and it only cost us $3.  Thanks Rachel!
Andy won both games.  It’s been so long since either of us bowled!  We have bowled sort of recently with Wii Bowling, but even that’s been awhile.

 I went first and got a strike on my first try.  After that, there weren’t any more strikes from me.  While I was going to bowl at one point, they turned off all the lights and switched over to the blacklights and messed me up.

It was still a lot of fun and our kids behaved well for the babysitter.  They even shared some Halloween candy with her.
Time for some hot cocoa and resting my throat some more.  I seem to have strained my voice.  My throat doesn’t hurt and I’m not coughing, but my voice is mostly gone.  I laid around most of the day Saturday trying to rest and not talk while Andy sucked up a lot of leaves from the backyard, mowed the lawn, blew out the sprinklers, checked antifreeze in both rigs, and then went to the store.  It’s nice to have a lazy day once in awhile, although after our date I came home and did the dishes, started laundry, vacuumed the living room, and still need to mop the kitchen.  Then I’ll feel more ready for Sunday.


One response to “Copy Cat

  1. Rachel says:

    that's a bummer about that gift certificate but bonus with the bowling. glad you had fun!

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