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Well Dressed

on November 11, 2012
Abby is big enough to wear the special thick fleece peacoat that Andy’s mom made for Elizabeth when she was little.
Vincent says Abby looks like a midget grown up. He is funny.  She looks all sophisticated.  I love it.
Just for kicks, here’s Elizabeth when she was about Abby’s size.  
One time we lost that hat in Walmart and had to go retracking our steps to find it.  It was back in the toy section.  It’s always the last place you look (my mom taught me that.)  Times have changed quite a bit since then.  We hardly ever even take all our whole family to the store with us anymore and rarely go in the toy section.  We already have plenty of toys at our house to play with!

One response to “Well Dressed

  1. The Four J's says:

    I love that cute jacket!!! They look quite a bit alike!!! We bypass the toys too!!!

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