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Little things…a lot of them.

on November 16, 2012
This past week was so nice/terrible/wonderful/bad.  So, I guess just a normal week.
The girls didn’t have school Monday because it was Veteran’s Day.  I dropped of Vincent and Abby at a friend’s house went to another friend’s daughter’s funeral with Elizabeth and Olivia. So so hard, but such a wonderful service for a sweet little girl.
Elizabeth has started to pray that I will get a nap when it’s her turn to pray and asks me after school if I did.  I think I’m nicer when I have a rest. 
Tuesday Abby, Vincent, and I ran a bunch of errands.  We had to take a book to the library that Abby wrecked and we had to order online (so it wouldn’t cost as much) and then pay a little fee.  While there, I found the book that was still showing on my card that I was certain we returned and returned it in.  =)  Randomly, we were at the library when about 10 friends came for storytime with Corkie the robot.  I took pictures last time. Vincent left the library with a movie while I colored with Abby.  I thought he was still looking at movies and knew where I was.  I felt like a bad mom (but don’t worry, it’s not the first or last time I will feel that way.)  We left before storytime was over so we could do all of our errands before the girls came home from school.
School conferences are going on this week, so the girls get out a little early each day.  My calendar said that that was going to start on Tuesday, so for a half hour after they should have been home, I was freaking out.  I called a few friends whose houses they go past and sometimes go in to use the bathroom and one didn’t know and the other said they get out at normal time and the calendar was changed.  Relief!  Meanwhile, another friend called to see if I could watch her two kids while she went to her sister’s house for her sister to hear a lesson from the missionaries.  Abby was sleeping and they came over to play.  Someone else called to see if I could take her child to ballet with Olivia and so I was trying to hurry over to the school to pick the girls up, but my other friend wasn’t quite back yet, so I had to text the ballet friend to let her know what was going on.  Kids were collected and we rushed out to get the girls.  Another friend called while I was at the stoplight asking if she should bring my girls home.  I’m so lucky to have so many friends helping me out, but what a huge ordeal that afternoon was.  Elizabeth went home with the sister of Olivia’s ballet friend to play.  I sat down for a minute while watching ballet and remembered that I wanted to go to the Dollar Tree across the street, so I took Vincent and Abby over there to pick up some supplies for a craft.  Dinner was super fast.  Elizabeth had jujitsu and the other kids had a bath.  I went on a (5 mile!) walk with a friend.  Then I made some cookies for Andy’s Teacher’s mutual and the craft I planned.  It was a crazy busy day.
Wednesday morning I took Vincent over to a preschool friend’s house and they took him to preschool somewhere else when it was time while Abby and I went to my grandparent’s apartment for Charlene Hardy to take their picture.  I won a giveaway on her facebook and decided I wanted some really great pictures of my wonderful grandparents.  They were so cute.  Charlene asked them to kiss each other on the cheek, but neither could reach the other.  She asked Grandpa to put his arm around Grandma, but it was his bad shoulder so it was difficult. Grandma asked her to take a picture of them with their walkers next to each other so she could add it to their Christmas newsletter.  I brushed Grandma’s hair for her.  They were just sweet.  I made this clothespin wreath for them to hold their pictures.  

They were putting them on their mini fridge, but it was quickly running out of space and they couldn’t see them very well.  This mostly solved that problem, although this one ran out of space pretty quick too.  I think I need to make a bigger one (and probably figure out how to make the clothespins stay on better too.)  Pretty good for a prototype.  Grandma liked it.  It was a fun morning.
The girls got out of school early, but Olivia had play practice so I had to pick them up separately since they can’t walk home alone. Slept the afternoon away while the kids played.  I was still feeling my cold. Made lasagna.

Thursday. Thursday. Thursday.  Rested all morning (ie:watched shows on the computer).  Then picked up Elizabeth at school.  Then picked Olivia up at school.  Then took a nap.  Then made the kids clean up the huge disaster they made while I slept.  Burned up our microwave.  Andy threw away the microwave.  Heated dinner on the stove using three burners.  Hurried to a RS meeting with Vincent and Abby while Andy took Elizabeth and Olivia to Jujitsu and to watch the Young Men play basketball.
I learned how a nice sister in our ward makes noodles for chicken noodle soup and had a wonderful time with sisters in my ward and ate some delicious chicken noodle soup!

I heard when I got home about a friend’s daughter who inhaled a dry bean she was playing with as she made dinner. It went into her lung and they had to remove it at a Seattle hospital.  She is now in a drug induced coma and is having seizures.  Praying SO hard for them and her.

Friday Vincent and Abby and I ran our weekly errands.  Bank, Groceries, home for lunch.  It wasn’t fun this time.  Abby yelled and screamed pretty much the whole time and wouldn’t be quiet so I could give her a sucker.  Oh well.  Errands done.  We went to Fred Meyer to get the Brave movie because they had a decent deal and threw some free stuff in, but it was not worth the half hour it took to figure out how to get the deal in their store.  There wasn’t anyone in electronics, so I figured out which movie was the right one for the ad and then found the freebie stuff somewhere else and stood in line for five minutes before the cashier rang me up and then didn’t understand the ad deal (which is strange because it’s Friday and the deal had been going on since Tuesday.)  I ended up having her cancel it all and went over to customer service.  Apparently there was some in store coupon that I didn’t see (or it wasn’t there!) in the electronics section, so I waited while the guy brought that over to the customer service desk and then waited some more while the lady there figured out how to enter it in.  It took forever and was not a pleasant experience.  Then we went to Costco and Walmart (where the movie was cheaper! Dang it!)  Abby yelled through the whole store and that was the end of my patience. Girls home early again (they walked home this time).  Disaster created while I napped again.
Andy came home bearing gifts.  A new microwave.  Andy’s parents gave us our old one when we got married, so it did work for a decent amount of time.
Look at this nice new shiny beautiful appliance!

 It’s even bigger than our old one.  I love it.

Used it to heat up our leftover dinner.  Now it’s time to go and watch some Brave with the family during game night.

Oh and I got a Federal Jury Duty Questionnaire to fill out and may possibly be picked to serve on a Federal Jury.  I know I’m not normal to be excited about jury duty, but I AM excited about the possibility.  Would it take some juggling of kids and time?  Yes.  Probably.  Would it be an experience to remember.  Maybe.  Probably.  I think it’d be fun though, despite all that and I really think our court system needs more people who are rational and have morals to serve so justice can be served.  (Maybe I watched too much Law and Order…)


2 responses to “Little things…a lot of them.

  1. Mary says:

    Those are some really BIG things though. I'm sorry you had such a crazy Busy week. Good thing I didn't come see you yesterday. I got one of those Juror forms to fill out too. I'm not quite as anxious to have to be a Juror as you. Glad you got a new Microwave.

  2. busy week, like normal for you. I totally understand the kids messing up the entire house while I'm busy or resting. I felt like a slave driver this week!

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