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Full Heart

on November 19, 2012

I don’t know how much sense this blog will be, but I must write.  Maybe then I can stop crying…
I read on Facebook Friday night of our former game night friend, Darren (former because he moved away and got married).  Friday night his daughter who is just 18 months old inhaled a dry kidney bean and it went into her lung and caused her breathing to stop.  Despite a super fast response from her mom, Sarah, and ambulance, she was without oxygen for long enough to cause brain damage.  You can read her mom’s account in the link above.  She has amazing parents.  Saturday the update was that the doctors at Seattle Children’s did not expect her to survive after looking at tests.  Sunday night her mom wrote again here letting us know of their prayerful hearts and feeling of comfort on such a trying day learning about organ donation and feeling their daughter’s spirit is no longer in her body.
I cannot even imagine this and only met little Brooke once when her parents came to play games with us when they were visiting Darren’s family.  She was sleeping so nicely and we put her in the baby room with the baby monitor on, but because we hardly ever used the monitor it was on the wrong channel and we discovered her crying a little while later.  I felt terrible about that and still do.  It’s so hard when your baby is crying, especially when it’s your first kid (not that it’s pleasant to hear subsequent kids cry!)  She’s a beautiful baby girl and so full of life by all accounts of her travels and fun with her parents via Facebook.
I think the world of her parents and their faithfulness in this trial, although I must say that I cannot see myself behaving in the same manner.  I don’t know that I would turn to God.  I’m afraid I would turn the other way and that is scary to me too.
Even more than just this experience this weekend, another friend’s young daughter passed away recently and I attended her funeral with her amazingly strong parents and family.
Life is precious.  Spend it wisely.  I really need to take that advice.

My friend Charlene took these photos of my grandparents last week, which again reminded me just how time moves on so quickly.  I won a free photo session on Facebook from her that was an “All About Me” session.  I didn’t feel like having my own pictures all over (at least not until I complete a few more goals), so I asked if she’d take pictures of my Grandpa Gordon and Grandma Zora instead.
She does an amazing job.  Here is one of Grandpa with his walker.

 And my beautiful Grandma.

Again, life is precious.
Hug your kids.
Yell less.
Smile more.
Write your loved ones a letter or give them a call.
Thanks for reading my heavy and sad heart blog.


3 responses to “Full Heart

  1. Angie Church says:

    loved your post as I get older I realize what you share in this post more and moreif you find time come see us at http://shopannies.blogspot.com

  2. Mary says:

    Your post on FB made me sad last night. I didnt' even know the little girl. It was an emotional day! I was so happy to be invited to come watch the Primary Program and all the sad news throughout the day just was overwhelming. I think you would turn to God. You're stronger than you think! The Pictures of Grandpa and Grandma are Priceless.

  3. I read your friends blog when you first linked to it and I've been waiting to hear how things worked out. Her new post was great, very strong and tender. I'm impressed, because I think I would blame myself, and be a complete mess! I love the pictures of Grandma and Grandpa, can't wait to see more!

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