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Post Thanksgiving

on November 25, 2012
I’m not that into Black Friday, which probably surprises you since I DO really enjoy couponing, but the sales they have are not usually things I need to buy and not worth the effort of staying in line for hours and hours.  
Andy had to run a few errands that morning and didn’t have too much trouble.
I had a $10 off anything coupon at Kohl’s if I went there before 1pm that day, so I went there at noon.  Man, it was packed!  I found some jeans (the next size down-yea!) that were normally $36 priced at $12.99, tried them on.  They fit and I got in line.  I also had a 15 % off anything that I could combine, making my new cute jeans almost free.  The lines were super long and I happened to get in one that really tried my impulse shopping.  We passed by some Barbies that were half off and I had to check to see if the one Olivia wanted was there and it was, so I picked that up too for $9.99.  Pretty awesome deal.  I left there only spending a little more than $11 with tax and stood in line for 20 minutes.  Not bad work if you can get it.
Because I’m a little crazy and I like coupons and I’m working on crafts for the Ransom Made Design Christmas Event (Friday, November 30, 5-9pm and Saturday, December 1, 9am-3pm), I went to JoAnn’s too.  I was not having anything cut, so I grabbed the stuff I needed and got in line.  It wasn’t too bad.
I had more on my normal Friday shopping list, so I also went to Dollar Tree, Winco, and Walmart.  It really wasn’t too terrible in the afternoon.  The chaos had died down by then.
We had a few hours at home before it was time for dinner.  I thought I’d have time to do more, but ended up doing some of my compassionate service calling fielding a phone call and making a few more.  Suddenly it was time for dinner.  My parents and my brother and his family came over to spontaneous taco night.  We were going to a session at the Temple at 6:15 and we all needed to eat.  Brant’s boys were staying at our house with our kids and the sister babysitters I arranged.  We got done just in time and went for a great Temple session with my parents, three of my brothers and all three sister in laws on my side.  It’s my parent’s wedding anniversary Sunday, so we were celebrating that.  I don’t know how long it’s been since we were all in the Temple together.  A while.  When we got done, we needed to go home so the babysitters could be with their family and so we could be home for our game night (with out of town special visitors).  We talked with my brother about them picking up some ice cream on their way to our house, but instead I guess they had all talked about going out for frozen yogurt ahead of time and didn’t tell us, so they didn’t bring me any ice cream.  Still a little annoyed, but really didn’t need to eat ice cream anyway…  
We got home, paid the sitters, took them home, and then came home to clean the chaos left behind with seven kids at our house.  Abby wrote on the wall again and the sitters were cleaning it off when we walked in.  Toys everywhere.  Dishes all over and some popcorn on the floor.  Abby was just in her diaper and two kids had bathes while we were away.  One lonely apple was left in the bowl where there were many before we left (which was not a big deal since my aunt gave them to us on Thursday and I only put half of them out).  Our kids were running around still playing with cousins and Nathan was there to play games already.  Finally, my parents and brother and sister in law came back (without my ice cream-pouting!) and gathered their boys, paid us for their part of babysitting, and went home.  It was really great to see them despite my whining.  
One of our oldest game night friends was in town with her family for Thanksgiving and brought her husband over to play games with us after they put their three boys to bed at her parent’s house.  Monica was one of our regulars until she moved away and got married.  We love that they still want to play games with us when they are in town.  Robie came after the hockey game was over and we had a great time remembering all kinds of fun memories.
Saturday was a bit of a somber day.  We decided to drive up to Puyallup to our friend’s daughter‘s funeral.  Monica and Nate drove Nathan up too.  We thought about having someone tend our kids, but decided it would cost too much to pay them and we didn’t want to spend that long away from them, so we brought them with us.  It’s good to expose them to things, we think, and they had been aware of the situation.  We don’t sugar coat much around here.  We left about 9:30am and didn’t get home until 9:45pm.  
I took these pictures at a rest stop in Ryegrass.  I like the look of windmills.
The clouds were so pretty today.

 We could see the top of Mount Rainer peeking through the rain clouds and the power lines going through the valley.

We got to the church in time to go to the viewing for little Brooke.  Andy took the bigger girls in while Abby threw a tantrum in the hall.  Vincent found us before they went to see Brooke.  He was nervous about that.  We found an empty room to sit in until Andy was done.  Darren and Sarah told Elizabeth that they had watched the “Brave” movie this weekend and thought of her.  Someone ahead of Andy in line was talking with Sarah about the cross-stitch that I made for Brooke when she was born that they had next to her tiny little casket.  
Andy and the girls came out and found us and told me that.  It was really hard to hold back the tears when I saw the little cross stitch that I made when she was born hanging there.  I gave Darren and Sarah big, huge hugs and we went and sat down.  When they walked in after the pallbearers, I saw that Sarah was clinging to it in her hand like a hankie.  I hope it’s something she will treasure, although I really never expected to see it again, since I’d hoped it would hang in her room.  I’m glad it seemed to be a comfort to Sarah.
What a sweet little girl.  She was only 18 months old, but by all accounts of those speaking at her funeral, she lived them all to the fullest, only sleeping for short periods of time and exploring all that she could.  

We enjoyed the stories about Brooke and her good parents.  I thought of all of the times Darren played with my Elizabeth when she was a baby and could imagine him doing all of the silly things they explained.
We went to eat with our other game night friends, Monica and Nate, Nathan, and Larry and Sonja joined us too at Applebees.  We were all so hungry!
Took the long drive home and got home late.  It was worth it to go anyway to support them and mourn the loss of a beautiful little girl.
After last weekend’s events with this and other things going on, I made a goal for myself to be more patient with my kids.  I want you to know that I’m not giving up on that.  I want that change to stick.  I only yelled at my kids once this whole week, which is about 500 times better than normal.  That one time was when Elizabeth was running with Abby’s bunny teasing her and making her cry, which just needed to stop right then.
Still struggling to understand God’s plan in this, but I do know that there is one.  I know that they will see their daughter again and that everything happens for a reason, even if it’s not something we like.  One thing her death helped was three other little kids when she donated her organs.  There are good things to come for her parents, I just know it!


One response to “Post Thanksgiving

  1. You hava right to pout! I felt (and still feel) really bad! I thought the same thing you did, but I can't blame it all on my husband (your little brother…) I should've spoke up and insisted that we needed to go back to your house because our kids were still there reeking havoc, and you didn't know we were going out for treats! What if we say Brant owes you ice cream!? Thanks so much for all the work you did to organize and make it possible for us to all go to the temple together! It was a good experience, I enjoyed it and so did everyone else I think! I really appreciated you getting a sitter for our kids too!! P.S. Our black friday shopping was a decent experience too, and I love when I get those Kohl's $10 free money!

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