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on November 30, 2012
I’ve been busy for the last bit finishing up some projects for the Ransom Made Design Christmas Event tonight (5-9pm) and Saturday (9am-3pm).  Here’s something I finished.  It’s a panel that I found at a thrift store and I made it into a little quilt and machine quilted around each square and character.  I had no idea I could do that.  Learning new skills.  Not perfect, but decent. 

 A friend of my mother in law ordered these aprons for her grandkids to use when they play with her pretend kitchen.  She bought the fabric.  Isn’t it cute?

 One of my reversible child size aprons.  The other side has the fabrics that are on the waist ties.

 A few small adult or large youth aprons for Christmas using some of my leftover material from last year.

 I found this material at a thrift store along with that panel.  I just sewed them together and added the ribbon and batting.  Fun.

 Here’s my table all set up.  Diaper clutches, toy roll ups, tote bags, and microwave potato bags, along with pillows.

 A little more of my things.  Magnets, Scissors, I Spy Bags, and Flower Hair Pins.

I set up Thursday after a dentist check up.
Thursday afternoon was busy, especially for Elizabeth.  She had activity day, then book group at our house, and then jujitsu.  While Elizabeth was at activity day, we hurried and set up a little for Christmas because I took down the Thanksgiving decorations earlier this week and our living room was bare.  Olivia helped a lot.  She did the mantle.  Then she was distracted by the wooden puzzle.  (Yes, she wore that to school.  I make her wear something on her legs now that it’s so cold.)

 I forgot about this nativity banner that I bought from Andy’s sister last year.  I like how it hangs here.  It wasn’t quite long enough to go over my mantle so I’ll figure something else out there.

 Added the nativities and kid toys and books to our cabinet.

 Friday after grocery shopping and lunch, Vincent and Abby played tic-tac-toe.  They still had messy faces (and hair).

 Guess who won this round?  Abby.  They don’t quite get it yet, but they will soon.

 Vincent likes this puzzle too and mastered how it fits together.  It’s more tricky than it looks.

And on to a visit before going to the Event…

2 responses to “Ready?

  1. Mary says:

    As usual, you are ahead of me. I 'm waiting unto; just before Jeff comes home. I have other things that need finished first. It's nice to see them playing together.

  2. Fun! I hope it went well! I would love to come to that someday! What a fun idea to be able to do with your Sisters/mother-in-law!Brant was impressed that Vincent can do the puzzle!

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