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The Event, A dinner, and Nutcracker Beginnings

on December 2, 2012
It sounds like that Hugh Grant movie!
Friday afternoon Andy’s aunt and two boys were in town while their dad was working and were able to come over and play after school.  The picked up right where they left off and had a great hour or so and I had a good chat with their mom.  We really miss this family!  Christopher was born the day before Elizabeth and they moved away a year and a half ago.  (Brent is not in the picture because he was scootering outside with Vincent.)
They had to go and pick up their dad at work and I had to finish getting all dressed up for our fun Craft Event.  I like seeing the items the other designers make and it’s always nice to talk with them all too.  Andy’s sister wasn’t able to come from her house several hours away, but she brought her things at Thanksgiving.  Andy’s mom, aunt, and adopted aunt are also involved here.
After that was over, I came home for game night and lost miserably to Andy in our games.  (A normal night.)
Here’s what the garage looked like without customers on Saturday morning. 
Soon it looked more like this.  Yes, even guys come to shop.
My parents came over and my mom posted this picture on her blog.  She’s a REAL quilter and seemed very pleased that I’m trying it out a bit.
Torrie brought baby Reagan over to play at lunchtime and she was fascinated  Grandma Shirley’s bracelets, just like my girls always were at her age.

 Reagan knows when a camera is out too.  She’s so cute and always smiles for me.  I think it’s my crazy, curly hair.

I had to leave a little early so I could do my calling as compassionate service leader because we had a memorial service for a ward member’s mom and we did the family dinner afterwards.  They asked our ward choir to sing, which meant after Andy picked Elizabeth up from her Nutcracker rehearsal at 2pm, he came to the church to practice and we sent the kids down to the nursery while I kept setting up for the meal.  After the service started, I found the kids and hung out with them until Andy took them home and fed them.  He was working HARD this weekend!
I actually really only made a sign up for people to make food and showed up to help.  I have a great assistant who I handed the sign up to, emailed the ‘directions’ passed on to us by the last few compassionate service leaders (very detailed!), and she emailed reminders to all of the people who signed up and picked up the things we needed at the store and delivered the ham to the lady who cooks it in our ward.  She did so much this week!  Along with those things, she had the three kids whose mom was in the hospital Sunday having contractions two months early overnight on Sunday (sitting up with the baby who was sick all night in a chair), watched the kids all day Monday, AND took dinner over to the family that night after the mom got home.  Yes, sitting up with a sick kid on Sunday made her and her foster son who’s three a little sick.  Yes, she has a foster son who she’s trying to adopt too! As if that’s not enough, she cares for ailing parents and her mom fell this week and she ended up taking her for xrays one of those afternoons.  Man, I really OWE her!  I did take over the phone calls and arrangements for childcare for the other lady in our ward this week.  We have another person in our ward at hospice who needs visits as well.  There’s a lot going on with this calling, but there are always such willing people coming to the rescue, which I really appreciate and love!

After that was done and I unloaded the boxes of tablecloths and centerpieces at home, I changed out of my skirt and heels, and drove over to Kennewick to pick up my things from the Event.  Loaded the car up again and home again to set my tree up again (it was at the event) and gave the three littler kids a bath so they are ready for church.
Olivia and Elizabeth have their Nutcracker picture after church, so Olivia had to have her soft spike curlers put in so she’ll have ringlets, as requested demanded.  We used the regular sponge curlers for Elizabeth’s two years ago and then the year in between the angels had wigs instead on top of their buns so we hoped and planned on wigs.  Needless to say, Olivia was disappointed to have to do this.  Me too, honestly.
I think it’s pretty fun though!

 Olivia is super worried about what the kids at school will say and thinks they will tease her and not believe that she’s in Nutcracker.  We tried to role play with her a little about what she could say, but she didn’t want to calm down about it.  She has to wear these all week long for the performance Friday night, Saturday’s matinee, Saturday night, and Sunday matinee, along with special shows for area fifth graders.  She won’t be able to have clean hair again until next Monday afternoon because that makes it look better (no whispies!)

You can tell she’s not thrilled here with her folded arms, but I really think she’ll LOVE having curls.  I just hope they turn out the way they are supposed to and stay in well enough.

I’ll post an after picture at some point so you can see how the ringlets turn out.  Here is what Elizabeth’s looked like two years ago.  Yeah, Elizabeth didn’t like curlers much AND she got a nice black eye just before the show.

 It was all worth it though to see this adorable angel onstage!

Olivia asked if she can do cartwheels this week at school.  I kindly suggested that maybe she should not do that this week right before Nutcracker so she doesn’t get hurt.  I guess there is a special club she’s in at recess where they do cartwheels, so now she’s all worried about that too.  I wrote an email to her teacher (who knows about Nutcracker already) explaining the situation and Olivia and I said a prayer together so she could stop crying and go to bed and not worry about what other kids will say.  I suggested to the girls that they ask Andy for Priesthood blessings before Nutcracker this year so they can do their best and not be so nervous.  They really do well and enjoy it when they’re onstage.  They are just full of drama at home.  I get to go and help for every rehearsal and performance backstage in costuming (ironing probably) other than the one we go to.  I’m excited and tired already.  Maybe I ought to go to bed since it’s 2am and church is at 9…

One response to “The Event, A dinner, and Nutcracker Beginnings

  1. Mary says:

    My Saturday Nights with bobby pins don't seem so bad looking at Olivia today. She'll be beautiful with the curls! Yes, I am Happy you wanted to quilt something, even if it was a panel.

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