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November Goal Update

on December 3, 2012

Have to update my big goals for 2012.

1. Read Scriptures and Pray before using computer.
I didn’t do well with my reading of the New Testament the last part of the month.  There are plenty of excuses, but I’m going to catch up soon.  There are several days at the end of the year where it’s scheduled to read one or two pages instead of the usual 4-5, so I have some room.  I have been praying like crazy though because there is just so much to pray for lately.  It gives me a great excuse to do it.
Andy and I are going strong and will start the last section of The Doctrine and Covenants tonight.  We just have the Pearl of Great Price left to read for the month of December.

2. Exercise daily (instead of never)

I think I only walked with a friend a handful of times this month, but I supplemented that little walking with yard work, house work, and counting my calories.  I just weighed myself and lost another two pounds this month.  I would like to lose 17 more before I’m 31 and then I can just maintain.  Progress is awesome and the compliments of people noticing that I’ve made a change is fun too!  I lost two more pounds since this picture was taken.  Can you believe that’s the same shirt?

3. Only check computer three times a day (morning, noon, and night) instead of constantly.
Repeat excuse from October. Always a goal, but always failing so that I can stay in touch and do my calling and be a good friend and… and… and… there are always excuses as to why I think I need to check the computer.

4. Read more with the kids.
Elizabeth and I finished “The Wheel on the School” for our Mother Daughter Book Group.  Our kids love books, so I just have to notice when they want to be still enough to listen.

5. Temple, Temple, Temple= EVERY month
The Friday after Thanksgiving in November we went to the Temple with my parents and three brothers and their wives. It was great.
It was rainy and dark as we came out of the Temple, but we took a picture anyway.

See that coat I’m wearing?  I’ve had it for years, but the buttons didn’t all button in the last few years.   Now they do with inches to spare!
I’m planning new (or continuing) goals for next year.  What will you improve upon in 2013?

What do you think?

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