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Nutcracker Finale

on December 9, 2012
At least I’ll try to make this one the last post about Nutcracker.  I’m sure a lot of my blog readers are tired of my bragging and talking about it, but oh well.  I am deep in the trenches and that’s what’s going on in our lives right now.  There are several fun stories at the bottom of the post.  You don’t want to miss them.
Saturday Andy and I went to the matinee with my mom, Andy’s parents, and Torrie.  Andy and I went on our first official date 12 years ago to the Nutcracker to watch Torrie dance with his parents.  Torrie and Andy didn’t dance together this year like they have for the past five years because Torrie took some time off to take care of baby Reagan (and she’s doing a great job of it!)  Torrie has been in every Nutcracker since 1995!  That’s quite a record!  They may dance again next year.  We’ll see.
I was finally able to watch WITH Andy again, and even better, we watched our two little ballerinas! 
I am certain that I was smiling the entire time my girls were onstage.  They did an excellent job and those who KNOW ballet told me that too.  
Olivia was the smallest angel on the right side of the stage and Elizabeth was a soldier just to the right of center stage.  Clara even borrowed her gun to fight the rat king! I’m a beaming proud mommy!  My mom has started to call me a stage mom.  I could tell Olivia was smiling even when the lights were low as soon as she turned around with her candle.
We had permission to take pictures onstage in between shows, so here’s the picture of my girls in their makeup.  I don’t put on all of the makeup, just foundation and mascara.  The rest is the same makeup for everyone and we have a kit.  Other volunteers are trained on how to apply it and come into the greenroom to fix them up.

Andy picked up some pizza on his way home to relieve our friend who was babysitting Vincent and Abby for us.  I think they might be big enough to both watch next year.  My mom stayed with me to take the pictures of the girls onstage and drove us home.  We ate quickly, I changed outfits, and we didn’t have much time to relax before hurrying back over to the school for the evening performance.
Grandma Mary found a few little things for the girls at the show.  Nice.  Andy’s parents gave them flowers too.  Such nice grandparents!

Saturday night when I got to my steaming and ironing room, I got to work.  There’s always so much to do before the show starts and when it starts, there’s even more to resteam and iron before the next show.  There are close to ten volunteers in each of the dressing and our steaming/ironing/holding cast members and adjusting them for a final time/undressing the small cast members room.  Our room is BUSY!  One of the ladies in charge backstage, took these two pictures of our room during one of our busiest times right after the battle scene was over (which is after the party scene).  She said that ten minutes after battle scene was over, we were already halfway done steaming and ironing.  What a great crew!  In the first picture I’m on the left side in the middle.  I’m wearing a black shirt that used to be tight on me, but is now so big, it drives me crazy!

In this picture I’m behind the lady with the soldier costume.  She was bringing me new pants to steam (the irons were all busy with the mice costumes) and trading me while she hung up the freshly done ones.  She’s all blurry or I would like this picture more.
When I got there Saturday night the lady whose job it is all year to do costumes for the ballet brought me a cummerbund that needed some adjusting.  This lady is known for being picky and yelling at people, so I did not want to mess it up!  I guess I did a good job because she was pleased.
Sunday morning we went to church since we start at 9am.  We didn’t need to be at the school until 12:30, so we just left the church a few minutes early and got home to have the girls change and put makeup on.  I took Olivia’s curlers out for church since they have been holding so well this week and because we wouldn’t have time in between to do it.  Andy got the three of us some food to eat quickly while I fixed makeup.
We got to the school just in time (which is really in plenty of time because there’s some padding.)  I signed them in and went to the room I’ve been in since Wednesday when dress rehearsals started.  As soon as I walked through the door, the lady who has been in charge of our room that does everything, called me over and told me that she and I were going to the real dressing room because two of the main ladies in charge in there were watching and she needed to be in charge of that room instead.  This is a big deal, if you don’t know.  Only certain people who those in charge know they can trust to do it right go in there.  I just do what I’m told and kept that up!  Since I had seen plenty of costumes ON and taken plenty off of little dancers, I knew mostly what to do.  Kim was in charge and got a run down of what we needed to do that I had to listen as well.  I think this room was even better than the room I’ve been in.  Backstage at Nutcracker is just so much fun, and a little stressful once in awhile.  One of the memorable moments Sunday was when an angel (not Olivia!) came in a half hour before the show started with her hair all completely wrecked.  Angels are supposed to have little ringlets like Olivia’s up there.  Hers were perfect.  People who know told me so. =)  This little girl was brought in by the greenroom mom and told us that her family was burning weeds this morning.  Everyone freaked out, trying not to yell at this little seven year old whose fault it was not.  The director, lady in charge of costumes, and several others came over to see this monstrosity.  Someone whipped out a little tiny curling iron and they started trying to fix this little girl’s hair (it wasn’t that great even when it wasn’t full of ash and hairspray and nearly melted due to burning weeds!  Seriously?!)  They called me over to take over the hair doing (really?) and I talked with her a little bit.  She said they took her hair out of curlers BEFORE they burned weeds.  Her hair was completely crooked and awful.  I fixed it up and hairsprayed the heck out of it and got the A-okay from the lady in charge and a firm pat on the arm thanking me for fixing her hair.  Yea!  I felt like I aced a test!
Other things happened that there was no way costuming could fix.  The boy playing Fritz (Clara’s brother who teases her) got sick and had to run off stage to throw up.  Ewww.  They were only partway through the party scene and had to improvise.  Clara is teased by her brother and her doll is knocked out of her hands and breaks during one scene, but because Fritz was missing, she came up with a little dance of her own and pretended to trip breaking the doll.  Genius!  
At the end of the party scene, Fritz normally hides behind a chair while the maid dusts and then he jumps out and scares her before being swatted with the feather duster.  They told the maid that no one would be there, but Fritz’s actual brother took it upon himself to hide there and I think the maid got a legitimate scare this time!  Hilarious!
After the battle scene someone left the sword on the stage and when snow scene came out in their pointe shoes they had to dance around it.  There’s no way to bend down and pick that sort of thing up.  When the snow sled came through, the dancer in there picked it up nicely getting it off stage without many noticing.  
Sunday must have been quite exciting to watch is all I can say!  At least nothing happened that was our fault. Whew!  
I left when the dressing was almost done (only four left and there were eight women still helping).  Olivia was just barely finished and so we got out of there before 4pm.  We’ll see which room I get to be in next time.  Apparently no matter where I am, people are sad when I’m not there.  Awesome.
Olivia told me on the way home that at each performance when she’s onstage, she picks a little girl in the front row and looks at her the whole time smiling at her.  How sweet is that?  Adorable!
We got home in time for Andy to go to his scouting committee meeting.  When he got home from that, we went to Kennewick where we were luckily invited to dinner.  I was so happy to not have to worry about dinner!  It’s always nice to visit with Andy’s parents and Aunt Nancy and the kids love it too.
After coming home I redid Olivia’s curls for one last time (for Nutcracker anyway) and sent them all off to bed.  They are all so tired!  
Olivia has already requested curls for her play on Thursday and she still wants them, even after days of curlers and spray gel.  

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