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For the Birds

on December 15, 2012
This day started out pretty lousy after hearing about the tragic events in Connecticut that have been heavy on my heart all day.
There were little tiny flakes of snow coming down pretty well when I took the girls to school, but they didn’t stick at all and later became rain that spit at us all day.  
Vincent and Abby joined me on errands to Hobby Lobby, Costco, and Walmart.
When we got home, the tree across the street was full of birds.  They were all voicing their opinion on our chilly weather very loudly.  They should have flown south, I guess.

 There are still some orange leaves in the tree, but there are a lot of birds too!

 Here’s one lone bird with his beak open.

I felt like the white and darkened sky was appropriate for the terrible news of the day.  Such sadness and unnecessary suffering in the world.
Satan is really getting a hold onto a lot of people.  It’s really sick to watch.
Luckily, with the awful things he tempts people to do, others cling to the Savior and His Plan for all of us.  I know I am.  We have to make the decision whether we want to think about evil or the good in the world.  This time of year (and anytime actually), I really prefer to seek the good.


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