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Christmas copycats

on December 19, 2012
Elizabeth has started making doll clothes again, quite possibly because Olivia asked Santa for an American Girl doll (with a bunch of accessories to go with it costing close to $250) that she will not be getting.  She will however, get a very nice, blond, same exact size doll with a very cute outfit that cost less than $20 (thank you, Kohls!)  Update on the sewing on the girl’s specialty sewing blog.  Leave them a comment.  They love that!  In the meantime, here’s one picture of Elizabeth hand sewing some lace on the bottom of a dress.

 Wednesday morning while Vincent had preschool, Elizabeth’s grade had a Christmas party.  She asked if she could bring the gift she picked out for Vincent in our sibling gift exchange to wrap at the school.  She had several other little things that she “bought” with “money” she earned in class for things for each of her siblings.

 Abby was Elizabeth’s little helper.

 Elizabeth must be a good teacher because Abby wanted to make a snowman of her own.

 Abby didn’t like when I was taking a picture of her while she was trying to open a complicated Kisses wrapper.

 My biggest and littlest eating their cookies (with the frosting I made).

 Abby has a pretty good technique for not getting her hands too messy, wouldn’t you say?

 Elizabeth helped Abby make this penguin ornament and after Elizabeth glued the eyes on, Abby just stared at the eyes like they were really looking at her.  She looked quite alarmed.

Olivia’s friend’s mom called Wednesday morning because of a cute note Olivia sent home with her daughter inviting her over to our house after school Wednesday (without my knowledge or permission) wondering about the whens and wheres and what to bring.  Another mom called after school about her daughter’s note. I’m not sure just how many notes Olivia wrote…
Anyway, we had their first “Sewing Club” at our house this afternoon.  The girls made doll tutus. See more on my girls’ blog.  (If you’d like to special order anything, let them know and leave them comments.  They’ll ask me for days how many comments they have.)

While the big girls were playing with needles, scissors, thread, and other pointy objects, I quarantined Vincent and Abby in the living room.  Vincent piled these pillows on his face and then told Abby to get them off of him.  What a fun game.  I play that ALL the time!

 Abby was more than happy to oblige.

Friends went home, dinner was made, Andy came home, dinner was eaten, Andy left for mutual, and it was quiet reading time in our house.  (Actually, it was reading time for Elizabeth and I was trying to talk her into a chapter book that she thought sounded boring, but that I know is great (picture farther below) and had to read a few chapters with her to get her into it.)
I told Olivia to help keep Abby and Vincent out of trouble and she did a great job.  They were just nicely reading books and running around.

 I think I’m the only one in my house who can’t wink or squint.  Winking creeps me out anyway, but it is a nice trait to have when using a telescope or microscope or Scope mouthwash.

 Guess who was reading much longer than her required twenty minutes after she didn’t want to read ANY of my boring books?  Guess who is now on page 76? (Scratch that. She’s on page 92.)

I guess I’d better go and wrap some presents.  Who knows if I’ll have time after school tomorrow.  Olivia just may invite her whole class over! =)

One response to “Christmas copycats

  1. The Four J's says:

    That's so cute that Olivia wants to invite people over.

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