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Sewing Club

on December 19, 2012

I guess Elizabeth and Olivia have started a sewing club.  Olivia invited some friends over to sew with Elizabeth and her after school on Wednesday (good thing their moms called to check about it!) and Olivia’s been having her friends draw designs of dresses.  I’m not sure if she’s making them audition to be in the club or what, but they are finally being crafty again and enjoying sewing.
Monday after school Elizabeth was sewing a cape for this doll.  Olivia took some pictures. From the back.

 From the front and with the creator of the cape.  (The doll had to be undressed to make sure the cape fit apparently.)

 Elizabeth working on the lace at the bottom of the dress.

 Such fine handwork for a nine year old, wouldn’t you say?

 The two newest members of the sewing club.  Today they made doll tutus.

 They posed together before the friends went home.

I love having creative kids.  They are so much fun (see above picture…)  They are sharing their passion with their friends and are not timid or shy about sharing what they think and feel; however, I would very much appreciate some asking before inviting people to our home….


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