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Crowther Christmas 2012

on December 24, 2012
Two of my three brothers who live near enough to celebrate with us this year are going to their in-laws on Christmas day, so we celebrated early at my parent’s house on Sunday evening.
We showed up first because Andy’s choir practice was canceled and Elizabeth and Olivia helped my mom cut the sugar cookies.  Elizabeth cut the red ones.

 Olivia cut the green cookies.  They are rolled in sprinkles and then frozen.  They baked up nicely and tasted great.

 I always love pictures of my love reading to my little loves.  Andy was reading a new storybook my mom bought with a lamb in it to Abby.

 Elizabeth and Vincent made a nice long monkey chain.

 Abby and Olivia hid under a table pretending to be mice looking for cheese. (Tablecloth pulled back to take the picture.)  They didn’t find any cheese.

 The other seven cousins arrived and the kids played a little Uno Attack, except the attack part wasn’t happening.  The batteries were old and the game didn’t last long.

We ate delicious dinner.  The kids REALLY like Grandma’s homemade rolls.
My mom found a baby doll for Abby to play with. She held it for a little bit and then discovered a spot of red marker on the baby’s knee and got a tissue to try and get it off.  She worked on trying to get it clean for minutes!

 My mom asked the grandkids to sit on their church pew so they’d be ready for presents.  My dad was being silly thinking I wanted a picture of him, but it turns out, I really like this picture.  Thanks, Dad!

 Miraculously, ALL eleven children looked AT the camera (except Abby) on the FIRST picture and looked pleasant.

I was going to just take three more, but on the last one, Coy made a face, so I told them I’d have to take another and after the picture they could all dogpile Coy because it was his fault they had to sit for an extra picture.

 Some of the grandkids opening their gifts.  They each got a toy and a fleece scarf.  No reason for cold necks at our houses!  They each got a different print and the kids loved them.

 My parents gave us a good book to read and some honey, among other things, like that red, white, and blue knitted lace washcloth Andy’s holding.

 Elizabeth’s cute little toy.  She’s going to love playing with this funny crab, especially if it can battle Olivia’s.

 We gave my parents the BIG surprise that was coordinated early in October to get it all done in time.  Each of us were assigned a letter (I picked R because of our last name and we reused the letter for Great Grandma and Great Grandpa’s picture).  Jeff found a frame that fit the pictures and cut a mat.  It’s great!

 In our sibling exchange, Milton had our family and gave us some packaged treats to make.  They all look delicious! (This is the only picture of me because I was the photographer, but I think I like it.  The more weight I lose, the more I love pictures of myself.)

 Jeff liked the tool we bought for him.

 Joe and Milton figuring out phone tricks together.  They are even in the same ward.  I guess they like each other after all.

 My mom got an author to sign this book last year, but dad didn’t open it because mom was all sick and it got put away with all the Christmas stuff.  It’s a Jan Brett version of “The Night Before Christmas”.  Dad read it to the grandkids.

 Abby was playing catch with the beanbag with Grandpa Paul.  She’s getting better at catching.

 We sent her over to practice throwing at Uncle Joe too.  He’s one of our major sporty brothers.

 The grandkids practiced singing in the other room and then came in and sang “Silent Night” for Grandma Mary and Grandpa Paul (except for the kids whipping their scarves around in the background and one getting more dinner and another who had some hurt feelings.)  My mom told them they could sing any song except “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer”.  Although Vincent hasn’t heard that song before, that was just enough encouragement for him to sing that line over and over during the next song.  I think that backfired, Mom…

 Abby was singing and I told her she should sit on Grandma Mary’s lap so she could hear her and maybe she could whisper it in Grandma’s ear.  She told her some sweet secrets.

 Abby started the beanbag playing and some rough-housing occurred.  Jeff tried to stop it (he’s a prison guard.)  He was thwarted by persistent nieces and nephews.

 Elizabeth helped her cousins put together their Lego toys.

We had a good time playing and visiting and doing plenty of teasing.  Jeff was missing at one point and I told Olivia to go and tell the cousins that he was playing hide and seek.  They found him for us.  He’s missed out on celebrating Christmas with us for seven years, so we’re doing our best to get all of the teasing in that we can and we’re excited that he’ll be living closer from now on.
My mom will blog soon over here.

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