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Christmas Day

on December 26, 2012
The kids woke up about 7am.  Pretty normal.  We don’t allow earlier than that.  Andy checked to make sure Santa Claus had come to our house and that everyone got a gift and then took his traditional hallway picture of everyone but him lined up.

 Abby checking out Santa’s leftovers.  It was a smiley face before she moved it around.

 Little stocking pets.  (I think I spotted some at Hallmark and it would have been something great to use their coupons on…)

 Santa even put a few pairs of earrings in Olivia’s stocking.  She just knew he would do that.

 The sunrise was beautiful orange and pink.  Andy said there’s an old sailor’s line about “red sky at dawn, sailor take warning.”  Those kinds of things don’t just get made up.  We wondered what the day would bring.

 Santa brought Vincent the Cars 2 Squinkies he’d been wishing for.  There are 12 of them.

 Olivia found a big doll (American Girl size, but not brand—five times LESS than AG brand.)  Abby looks pretty excited for Olivia.

 Abby liked her Wonder Woman invisible jet.

 The girls made me open their present to me before my Santa present.  New slippers.  Oh, how I LOVE slippers!

 Santa brought Elizabeth the Littlest Pet Shop Magic Motion Treehouse she wished for.

 Santa brought an exciting movie for me.

 Santa outdid himself this year and brought Andy a suit coat in just the right size (pheww!)  Matching suit pants were in the box too.

 The kids did their sibling exchange.  Elizabeth and Vincent had each other and so did Olivia and Abby.  Vincent picked out a big, stuffed, striped dog for Elizabeth and she picked out a Nerf gun and extra foam darts for him.  Olivia picked a Dora doll for Abby and Abby picked out a necklace and earring set for Olivia.

 Andy made Vincent’s day with a new Lego set.

 Abby got some fun blocks to play with (and she’s holding her stocking doggie).

 Vincent likes his reversible Batman/Superman cape that Aunt Sara made.

 Olivia did get her American Girl Caroline doll, but it’s a tiny one with a miniature book.

 Andy picked out a girl Lego set for Olivia. It’s the Lego Friends Olivia set.

 I found a little beginning sewing machine for Elizabeth since she’s so interested in sewing things lately.  I want her to learn on this instead of on mine.

 My new sander/cutter tool I requested.

 Andy I bought this Lego set for Andy.  Good thing he didn’t already have it.

Abby next to most of her things.  She just wanted to color and eat gum all morning.

 Vincent with his loot. He has more in the box on the floor.  He broke one of his silver caps on his tooth shortly after this by eating a soft gumdrop candy.  I called the dentist the day after and they aren’t open again until January 3rd.  We are saving the silver cap and hope he will last until then.  He doesn’t act like it hurts at all.

Olivia with her gifts.

 Elizabeth’s new fun things.

 The aftermath of Christmas morning in our house.  It may not look like much compared to some people’s Christmases, but it’s just enough for our house.  Plus, we have three kid birthdays coming up in January/February.

 Elizabeth diving into the pile of wrapping garbage.

 Abby eating any gum she could get her little paws on.

 Elizabeth had some help from Andy and his special tool to get her whole treehouse out to play with.

This crocodile dentist game is a hit!  No batteries, no super loud noises, and it doesn’t take long to play.  Someone recommended it to me when we were going on our road trip this summer, so it was on my Amazon wish list.  You take turns pushing the little teeth until one of the teeth makes the crocodile bite you (but it doesn’t really hurt).  It’s a lot of fun.

My parent’s and brother came over to our house instead of us going to Walla Walla because my Grandma Zora stayed in the hospital Christmas Eve.  She fell while getting into a car Sunday morning and was still hurting Monday, so she went in for x-rays and apparently she broke another vertebrae (she has really bad Osteoporosis) and it was what they call a burst fracture, so she’s in a big back brace and on major medication trying to heal.
My Dad took my Grandpa out to lunch and Mom and Jeff came over to see us so Grandma Zora could rest a bit.  Grandma Mary brought some M&M’s.  Abby laid down to enjoy them fully.

 Andy tried on his suit coat to show my mom.

 We gave my mom her gift from us.  A purple pashmina (scarf) and some earrings.  I think she liked them.

 The snow was falling pretty hard.  I saw a report that there was only a 9% chance of snow for our area on Christmas Day.

My Mom stayed with our kids while Andy, Jeff, and I went to visit Grandma Zora.  I took her the Christmas Quilt I made awhile ago to help cheer up her bed.  She’s in a lot of pain.  I hope she’ll be able to rest and heal.  We brought my Dad back home with us and fed everyone lunch (except my dad since he ate with Grandpa).  We all watched Olivia’s Littlest Christmas Tree play a few times since we have the DVD.
My parents headed back home before the roads got worse.
We hung out at our house all afternoon and let the kids play with their toys.
Elizabeth built the car part of her car and trailer Lego set.

 Vincent with one of his little Lego cars.

 Olivia, Andy, and Vincent all reading their directions to build their Legos while Abby was still sleeping.

 I took some pictures of the snow.  It wasn’t much snow, just an inch or so (although people always overestimate it-I heard someone say it’s 3 inches!)
Here’s my lilac bush in the winter.

 A view of one of our front yard trees through the branches.

I took a nice nap until it was time to head over to Andy’s parent’s house for dinner and presents.
They gave Vincent a Woody to go with his Buzz Lightyear he got for Christmas last year.

 Aunt Sara made this doll for Abby.  Abby loves dollies!

 Grandma Shirley and Grandpa George bought our girls slipper boots. Aren’t they cute?

 Before we left, Vincent and Daphne were laying like Scooter.  Of course Scooter stood up before the picture was taken.

 I love how everyone helps my kids over there.  Notice how I’m just sitting there doing nothing?  Nice.

We were home in time to put the kids to bed and watched my new movie, “Leap Year” that I bought myself with Andy while he built part of his Lego set.
What a fun, nice Christmas, despite the tooth and Grandma in the hospital.


One response to “Christmas Day

  1. Mary says:

    We had fun watching them play, glad we could share Christmas with you. Legos were a hit this year all around.!

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