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First Real Snow!

on December 26, 2012
We are terribly mean parents who didn’t let their kids play in the snow on Christmas Day, so they were forced to play the day after.
Andy went back to work though.
After finding all of the snow gear and putting it on, Abby was all set to play in the snow for 3.7 minutes.  At least she looks cute and even coordinated! (This snowsuit came from a neighbor when Elizabeth was a baby.  She had it for her daughter who was my age, so it’s vintage.)

Elizabeth wanted to build a snowfort….at first.

 Vincent threw some snow at Elizabeth’s fort.  It was not well received.

 Once Olivia was finally dressed (she took forever and we left her inside), she got right to work on a snowman.

 Elizabeth changed her mind and built a snowman too.

 Olivia didn’t take long to collect enough snow for a snowman.

 Elizabeth’s snowman.  I think most of our snowmen are really girls because of our supply of girly hats and scarves.

 Elizabeth wanted to shovel our sidewalk.  Then she shoveled a neighbor’s sidewalk too, just to be nice (although hoping they’d pay her something, I’m sure. No such luck.)

 Vincent made three snowkids.  Here are two of them.

Mostly we’ve just been playing and resting all day.  Time to clean up our messes before Andy gets home from work!  I still need to figure out what to make for dinner tonight…..better get busy!

One response to “First Real Snow!

  1. Mary says:

    We had leftovers from Sunday, again. The snow had to not be so wet to play in. Glad they got to go out today. Yea, for mean parents…

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