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New Year’s Day

on January 2, 2013
My Dad’s side of the family gets together on New Year’s Day every year (since I was little and our family got too big to fit into anyone’s house).  It’s much easier to plan for New Year’s Day than during the busy holidays and most people in our family work jobs where they don’t have to work on that day.  It was at our normal church building that we share with one of my cousins this year, so we didn’t have to travel far either.  It was nice.   
Here is the giant picture of those who came (minus two who showed up a few minutes later).  Grandma is still healing and wasn’t able to attend this year and one of my aunts stayed with her so Grandpa could come.  Andy and I are way in the back middle and our kids are all in red in the front (right in front of my parents).
Abby ALWAYS says cheese when I get the camera out.  The kids were super hungry before lunchtime so they ate a few pretzels in cups.

 The tables were covered with paper and crayons were provided.  Abby loves to color (and tear off the wrapping.)

 Vincent wrote his name.  I wonder if he wrote it left handed?  I should have watched!  He’s getting better at that.  We need to work on it more, but he’ll have plenty of time to do that in the coming years.

 Abby made a friend of one of my college age cousins.  She was tossing the ball with him and then somehow conveyed to him that she wanted to sit down.  He helped her out and even got a little chair for her.

We played some games in the Relief Society room (while my Aunt Anne cleaned some dishes.)  This game is called Speak It Not.  It’s an LDS version of Taboo which is a word guessing game.  Each card has a word at the top and then five words underneath that you can’t say.  It was pretty fun.  By the end of the party, there was twelve or so people around this table.

Elizabeth’s been designing new outfits for dolls again.  Check out more pictures at their Specialty Sewing Blog.

Wednesday morning was the first day that our dentist was open after Christmas and Vincent needed to get his tooth fixed (the silver crown came off on Christmas Day) so the girls went over to Grandma Shirley’s and I took Vincent to the dentist.  The crown was glued back on and we were in and out in less than a half hour.  
On the way home my dashboard looked like this:
Don’t be too alarmed!  I promise my gas tank was not below E and I was going only HALF that speed.  The electrical system in our cheap Craigslist van (that’s last nearly three years and only cost $2000) goes out occasionally when I’m driving.  The van still runs fine, but I don’t know just how fast I’m going anymore until it reboots itself.  Once I turn the van off and on it is just fine again.  Andy thinks it’s a blown fuse and he’ll figure it out later.  Normally I’m just driving around town so the gauge goes to 0 MPH, but this time I was on the highway going 60, so it fell to the side with 120 MPH.  I’d never seen it that high before!
I put our Christmas decorations away after lunch (during naptime) and decided to display my gifts from Satoko.  She was a Japanese exchange student my senior year and we were really good friends.  We still email and send each other things.  This year she sent me that yellow bowl with some treats to share with my kids.

I love a fresh room and new year.
Olivia really likes her “American Girl” doll.  She named her Emma and likes to dress her and look through the American Girl magazine telling us the things she wants (we don’t like that much).  I think Andy and I could make the bed she wants for her though.  That wouldn’t take too long (and won’t cost us $75 either!)  I think her name is Emma because that’s the name of the girl who played Clara in Nutcracker.

Our kids have a few more days off until school starts again Monday, so they are just relaxing, reading, and reveling in some free time (unless I make them do chores).

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