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Little Gymnasts

on January 5, 2013

Olivia has been practicing her cartwheels for months (except when we wouldn’t let her during December performances). She’s getting really good!
 Check out her routine.
 Abby likes to join in with her own somersault. Don’t mess with her cameratime though!
Friday morning when I got up the girls had done this in their room.  It’s a set of hangers made out of pipe cleaners to make little hooks for bracelets that they were making.

The past few days have been great for our girls to play more together and use their imaginations.  I even saw them reading, drawing, writing, and coloring in their beds during the day.
Also, I think Vincent may have learned how to read.  I put a new air freshener spray in the bathroom and he came out last week and said he sprayed “Butterfly Gardens” on the ants behind the toilet (that we are using some special ant bait on) and it killed them.  We haven’t had this spray long, so I’m trying to figure out if someone else called it that or if he just figured it out.  He’s a smart little guy!

The kids have all been very good all during the Winter Break, but it will be great to get back into the school routine on Monday.
This week has been a tough one with a few deaths affecting those close to me (but not related to me) and some other things for other people that have been on my mind.  All I know is that there IS a plan and there is a purpose for everything.
Also, one of my friends (whose mom passed away this week and that’s why she was in town=() had a birthday party Thursday night at Bonefish Grill and I had a RS Meeting first, so I was late and just decided to get some steamed veggies and the lady gave them to me for free.  Awesome.
Elizabeth and I went on a walk Saturday night while it snowed (not much) to deliver the last of our cinnamon wreath bread that is our goodie plate.  I freeze the dough and they can make it when they want it because no one wants cold, stale bread.  This also means I don’t have to bake anything!  I love it!


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