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Our week, a Large Dinner Tip, and a Baby Shower too

on January 12, 2013

What a week it’s been!

Monday was back to the school routine.  It was nice to have a day to catch up on cleaning and relaxing with just Vincent and Abby, although Elizabeth and Olivia really DO help a lot!  We had a nice family night after dinner and then I walked with Elizabeth to the library and back.
Tuesday was a busy day.  I got a phone call just after dropping the girls off at school from a friend who wanted to come and visit me.  Another friend was bringing her boys over to play while she had an appointment an hour after the first lady said, so it was going to all work out great.  It still did, but they showed up about five minutes apart.  The first friend who wanted to visit apparently was worried after Elizabeth’s testimony Sunday (see previous post) that when she referred to miscarriages, she was talking about me and wanted me to know she could help me if I needed it.  So sweet and super nice, but not necessary since Elizabeth was not talking about me.  I ended up watching just one of my other friend’s boys and we played Candyland a few times.  It was fun.  We had lunch and then relaxed until it was time to pick the girls up from school to take Olivia to ballet.  Then we had leftovers for dinner (our normal busy Tuesday dinner) and I dropped Elizabeth off at jujitsu before I went to a PTA meeting.  The PTA meeting was faster than normal this time. Vincent had a haircut and they all had bathes before I got home.
Andy left for Montana to do some work early Wednesday morning.  I taught Vincent’s preschool group on Wednesday morning.  They learned about the letter N and number 14.  We made nests out of yarn and some round beads I had that they painted.  We glued them on a plate.  Then we had a snack of 14 pretzels (we counted) and some crasins (kind of bird food, right?)  They had a few more little things to do to reinforce the letter N and then they all went home.  Abby undressed and played in her bed instead of napping.  She finally slept for an hour or so (after I changed her and her bed) while I made Chicken Pot Pie and it turned out so well!  We picked the girls up at school a little early on Wednesday so all four kids could visit the dentist.  Apparently I smelled like onions.  I told them I made chicken pot pie and they asked me to bring them some Thursday.  Ha.  Yeah right!  We like our leftovers at our house!  Only one little bitty cavity out of the oldest three, but Abby wouldn’t open her mouth to be checked, even with her special bunny to help her.  Much better results than last time though!  We went to the library on our way home to pick up some things and Abby spent some time coloring.  After we got back to the car, I noticed that her special bunny was missing and locked the kids in the car to go back in the library for a minute to retrace our steps.  Bunny was nowhere to be found.  I finally figured out that we must have left it at the dentist, but by then they were closed.  I called my friend who works at our dentist to see if she had seen it.  She hadn’t, but would look Thursday morning.  The Chicken Pot Pie was a hit as always.  It’s Elizabeth’s favorite meal.
I went to the dentist on Thursday.  I had two cavities of my own. =(  They had bunny!  Abby was SO happy when she got in the car after I picked them up at my friend’s house and bunny was back.  She hardly wanted to put bunny down to eat lunch, but she napped very well that day.  So did I.  I was worried I’d bite my cheeks while they were numb like I normally do, so I slept it off.
I picked the girls up so Elizabeth could go to Activity Days for church and took Olivia, Vincent, and Abby with me to the grocery store to shop for the funeral dinner Saturday.  I bought the hams, salads, dressing, butter, and ice.  Abby yelled through the store.  Oh well.  We got home with enough time to walk over to pick Elizabeth up so we did.  I heated up dinner, but Elizabeth hardly ate any of her chicken pot pie (unusual!) and said she didn’t feel well.  She curled up in a ball with a blanket and skipped jujitsu because she said she felt like she was going to throw up.  A little later she told me that the girls at Activity Day had a candy eating contest and she won it (I bet she started it too!)  No wonder she didn’t feel good!  I put them all to bed after baths and watched a movie while clipping coupons and making my grocery list until Andy got home again.
Friday morning I took Vincent and Abby with me to deliver the hams and my crockpot to the lady in our ward who cooks and slices them for us.  Then we went to the bank and Winco again.  There was a little bit of snow on the ground in the morning, so Vincent and Abby broke out their snowboots, but it was all melted by the time we got to the store.  (That’s MY kind of snow!)  We did well in our shopping and Abby didn’t yell the whole time, but she DID lose one of her boots.  I retraced my steps again and again and finally gave up and left my name at the customer service desk with a description of the snow boot.  They called an hour later and had it there, but I wasn’t going out again with a napping Abby and Vincent was resting and I was napping too! I made some delicious enchiladas with half black beans and half chicken.  Everyone liked them a lot!  We’ve entered the no leftover zone for many meals.   It makes me sad a little.  There were plenty of phone calls all day to make arrangements for the funeral dinner Saturday that I’m in charge of as Compassionate Service Leader.  My assistant is sick and the Relief Society President kept calling with concerns too.  We had game night with our regular buddies and then I couldn’t sleep since I’d napped earlier.  Instead I read some more of “The Bobbsey Twins” and wrapped up a baby shower gift and made some lists of the projects I want to do in our house this year.  We’ll see how far our budget and my ambition reach.  I finally was ready to sleep at 3:30 am.
Saturday morning I put on my walking clothes to go help set up the gym at the church.  The lady in our ward who passed away was just 40 years old and her dad’s family is HUGE!  He had eight siblings and all of them were able to come.  When his dad passed away a year or so ago, there family meal had 250 people!  This is a BIG family!  We planned food for 100 people for this funeral dinner.  Here’s the idea I stole from my mom that everyone thought was genius!

 My mom set up our Thanksgiving dinner with small tables for kids in the middle of the room.  We set up three long tables as a square (with room on the ends to get out) and put two little kid tables in the middle.  We also set up two sets of food tables so everyone could get their food quickly.  We put crayons out for the kids to draw on the white paper tablecloth  (the other tablecloths are real fabric).  I like this because it make you able to see everyone and not just the person right across from you.  I think it’s more cozy.
Here’s the round dessert table and one of the food tables with one of the sides of the square.

I like shaking things up.  I really enjoy change.  It was interesting to direct those helping set up to do it differently and see their faces when they saw the vision of how awesome it would be.  I had an hour and a half to go home, shower, eat something, and head back to the church after setting up for a few hours.  Andy ran to the store to pick up the wrap and ziplocks that I forgot to get and he picked up Abby’s boot while he was at it.
I really didn’t like it when EVERY single person who thanked those of us in the kitchen mentioned the cool table set up and the other ladies all pointed them at me, but I do think it’ll be fun to see if this catches on in the other wards.
After the food was all on the tables and we were standing around in the kitchen, I decided that would be a good time to run over to my friend Ally’s baby shower.  I had her gift in the car just in case I had a little time.
She opened my present right when I got there.  Rory helped her.  They are great present openers.

 Ally liked her touch and feel quilt I made.  It has different fabrics and textures and things to look at for when the baby is having tummy time.

When I got back to the church a half hour later, all EIGHT 9×13 dishes of the classic “funeral potatoes” casseroles were gone.  Everyone ate plenty and there was still a little ham leftover and one dish of jello,  some dessert, along with quite a bit of green salad.  We didn’t have enough rolls though.  I think a few people forgot even with the reminders.  Oh well.  There was enough.
The mother of the lady who passed away came in afterwards and thanked us, especially for the way it was all set up.  She said all of her sisters and sister-in-laws came up to her at different times and told her how smart she was to have it set up like that and I don’t think she gets along all that well with all of them, so she appreciated it.  I felt like a revolutionary. Change is good!  Try new things and see how people respond.  It’s fun!  So many people at these dinners come into the kitchen and thank us and it makes all of that work worth it.  
Andy made dinner tonight after playing with (not babysitting-parenting!) the kids all day and then vacuumed. I’m a lucky girl!  Kids had baths and the tablecloths are now finishing up in the dryer and then I’m switching the laundry and going to bed.  I’m exhausted, but feeling awesome!
PS.  I’m so sorry this post was SOOOO terribly long.  I forgot how much I did this week!

One response to “Our week, a Large Dinner Tip, and a Baby Shower too

  1. Mary says:

    So glad to inspire change. Andy was having fun "parenting" when we stopped by. I'm happy bunny is back, too.

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