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Potty Party/Gym Party

on January 20, 2013
We had a busy party agenda Saturday (as if we are ever NOT busy!)  But first, I HAD to go and have my eyebrows waxed.  They were starting to look ridiculous!  Luckily, I was able to get right in and out of the place I like best.
Abby and I were invited to a House Party Pull Ups Party.  (Remember my Expo House Party, Skylander Spyro House Party, and Foster Farms Chicken Party?)  Basically House Party arranges hosts for companies to get the word out for FREE.  One of my friends who lives nearby also likes to sign up and host.  She had one for Fisher Price last year and they sent her HUGE Fisher Price toys and good coupons.
The Pull Ups party was a little more disappointing in the free stuff and games to play, I think, but it’s still fun to get some free stuff.
This game is one that came in my friend’s party pack (a big box that’s delivered to the host with all the supplies).  The kids colored a picture of a kid potty-training and then they played a “pin the toilet lever on the toilet” game.  Pretty lame.  Lame enough that with tiny kids we didn’t even bother with the blindfold.  There was a tiny oval on the toilet where the lever was supposed to go and none of them could do it even with their eyes open.  It was just really small and not that cool.
Abby had a good time trying though.

Here’s the group of people who came to the party.  (The kids in the front were looking at Abby because she was crying.  I think she wanted a cupcake. Also, the boy on the right is totally potty-trained.  He’s the host’s son.)

Abby got her cupcake… and then came home and had a nap.

While we were away Andy changed the oil in our main car and did the bills.
After I got home and ate a little lunch I took the bills to the mailbox and stopped by the library.
Then I uploaded the party pictures from the morning and sent them to my friend.
I had an hour or so to hang out until the next party, which was our good friend Rory’s birthday party.  She turned four on December 31st and had her party Saturday at a Cheer Gymnastics place.  There was all kinds of fun things for kids of all ages.  I guess they are open five days a week during the day for people to come in and play for a few bucks.  When it’s cold outside, it sounds like a wonderful place to let the kids get their energy out.
Elizabeth liked the zipline.  The floor is on springs and so fun to walk on.

 Vincent played with this bouncing ball for awhile.

 Abby clung to me (she didn’t nap long enough-wouldn’t sleep right when I laid her down AND woke herself up too early) and then she discovered that the toys were fun after all.  She really enjoyed the tubes.

 Vincent went in the smaller kid room and rode this little bitty roller coaster about 50 times.

 The lady in charge turned out the main lights in one of the rooms and turned on the disco ball and the kids had a Nerf gun war.  Olivia and Abby were teaming up so Olivia could help Abby. (Olivia dresses herself in one color family…)

After the Nerf war (ie: after Vincent shot Olivia in the eye so I told her to shoot him back but NOT in the eye and then she shot him on his cheek instead and then they were both sitting out crying…sigh!) the lady got out the parachute to play with.  Abby jumped right in and played just like a big kid.

Can you spot Elizabeth, Olivia, and Vincent in this picture?

Andy ran some errands while I stayed with the kids at the party.  He picked up Grandma Ellen’s computer, some bread at Costco, and some paper at Staples that had a rebate, along with some model railroading stuff at Hobby Town.
Andy and I planned on going to the Temple Saturday night but it didn’t work out, so we stayed home and cleaned house, ate some dinner, cleaned some more, and kids had baths.  Of course the baths were a big ordeal in themselves.  
They aren’t normally an ordeal, but let me explain a bit.
I was vacuuming the house, including under cushions, and Andy was fixing his grandma’s computer while Elizabeth supervised bathtime for the other three (something she does often).  After I finished with the family room, I checked on them and all was well.  I got out the towels and complimented that the floor was not wet (it usually is) and hurried to finish the living room and bedrooms.  Meanwhile, the younger kids complained that the bath was cold, so Elizabeth decided to fill up the water spray bottle that we use to get hair wet to fix it with pretty warm water from the tap in the bathroom.  Then she was spraying the others to help them warm up.  I heard them each tell her to stop (while I vacuumed) and assumed she was.  After more yelling, I figured out that she wasn’t so I had to stop and make her.  She got Abby and Vincent out of the bath and Olivia got out too and then after I got Abby dressed in her pajamas, Vincent said that Elizabeth didn’t use soap on them.  Ugh!  I yelled at her and made her take the vacuum back to the laundry room.  I didn’t rewash the other kids since they aren’t all that smelly anyway.  I told Elizabeth she could take a cold shower (although it probably was kind of cold with the dishwasher and washing machine both going already).  I opened the bathroom door to get her clothes and she didn’t appreciate the interruption.  More yelling.  Oh, dear.  I’m bad at this.  While she showered I was checking our big counter that Elizabeth and Olivia like to play on with small things that they were supposed to clean up before dinner.  It was very much NOT cleaned up, so in my upsetness I started throwing all the junk on the floor (loose crayons, markers, pencils, toys, etc.)  I started chucking some of the junk into the trash while sorting out the other stuff that belonged elsewhere.  Olivia was helping me.  Abby was just trying to write with the markers and eat the crayons.  (Bad plan on my part….wonder where Elizabeth’s anger comes from???)  Elizabeth finished her shower and came out and got all upset that her stuff was moved around.  Then she went in her room and flipped out on Olivia telling Olivia that she was going to run away from home and get run over and that we are the WORST family in the whole world.  Olivia freaked out because she was worried that Elizabeth would really do it. Raging ensued.  We asked Elizabeth which bag she’d take with her and if she wanted help packing (psychology trick, right?) and she said she would just need her coat and shoes because she was just going to go sit in the road until she was run over.  (Drama!)  We told her that wasn’t a good idea and asked her if she knew how bad that would make the driver feel and how bad we would feel if she died.  She stormed off to her room and we went in to see if she brushed her teeth and made her get up to do that.  Elizabeth said she would just live in the backyard in a sleeping bag and steal food to survive. I told Andy how I didn’t think her sleeping bag was warm enough for that, but maybe she could have a tarp for shelter.  Olivia suggested a tent, but we said no to that. More grunting and glaring.  Somehow Andy and Olivia started talking about all the toys of Elizabeth’s that would become Olivia’s toys if something happened to Elizabeth and how she’d get the top bunk and oh man, we were going really far with it and I was WORRIED!  Abby started trying on Elizabeth’s shoes, so we joked that Abby would get those.  (Yes, every person in our family was in the room.)  Vincent even tried on Olivia’s pretty sparkly shoes and we laughed at that while Elizabeth was still trying to be upset with her head under the covers.  Finally after a little bit, a crying, remorseful Elizabeth emerged to hug us and say she wasn’t going to run away after all.  RELIEF!  She apologized and gave big hugs to everyone and then we said our family prayer.  She was calm enough to go read with Olivia and Andy and Vincent and Abby went to bed.  
I don’t know how we’re going to make it though teenage years with this attitude, since she not even quite ten yet!  Hopefully we’ve all learned something from this.  I think I have.  I still need to make sure I apologize better.
After Elizabeth and Olivia went to bed, Andy and I watched a movie and I did the laundry (all of it since I’m obsessed!) And Andy and I read our page in the Bible Dictionary, which is what we’re reading for at least the first half of the year for our scripture reading, since last year we read the whole Quad.
I’m now much more ready for Sunday and feel a much nicer spirit in our home, but oh, man, what a tumult!  Any tips (like control MY OWN TEMPER)?

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  1. Woo-ee! I didn't know about this! Sounds like an adventure! you are always so busy, we really appreciate you letting us stay at your already hectic house! Thanks! IT was fun to see you guys- and I'm glad Elizabeth is enjoying plans for Christopher's baby's clothes… :)

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