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Gordon Young Crowther

on January 21, 2013

Grandpa wrote his own obituary and my aunts filled in the dates and places. I added some pictures in for fun.

Gordon Young Crowther died January 15, 2013 at the age of 87.
He was born January 21, 1925, at Perry, Box Elder County, UT, the son of Joseph and Myrle Young Crowther.

His early education was in Carbon County, UT. He graduated from Bear River High School in 1943.

As an 18-year-old, Gordon served in the U.S. Army from June 1943 until March 1946. He received basic training at Camp Callan, CA, and further training at Fort Bliss, TX, and Camp Breckenridge, KY. As a Jeep driver with the 75th Infantry Division, “K” Company, he served in France and Belgium, on his way to The Ardennes, a forested area of Germany where the Battle of the Bulge was fought. Many of his comrades were killed or wounded in that battle. Throughout his life, Gordon maintained a great appreciation for his citizenship in the United States of America, and for those who gave their lives to preserve our liberty.

 Soon after the end of World War II, Gordon enrolled at Utah State Agricultural College. After a year, he served as a missionary in the Western States Mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

In 1953, he married Zora Nash in the Salt Lake Temple.

They lived at Ucon, ID, where he operated a dairy and raised crops. In 1958, they moved to Washington where they farmed in Block 18, near Mesa.

Throughout his life, Gordon served in many church callings. After retirement, Gordon and Zora served as missionaries in San Jose, CA. Later they served in the temple at Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Gordon lived a life of integrity. His greatest joys were his family and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The picture above was taken with most of my cousins.  There were still a few yet to come at that point.
The picture below was taken today.  All of the cousins except for three were able to attend the funeral.  One is on a mission, another is working in Ghana, and the third just moved to Florida for her husband’s medical internship.  What a posterity!

Remember we just got together on the 1st of January for our annual party, but Grandma couldn’t come to that one, so we have a family picture with Grandpa.
My cousin’s husband and my brother Jeff did the military honors at the cemetery and presented Grandma with the flag.

The service was very nice and everyone was involved.  My dad, his two brothers, and his baby sister spoke, grandchildren and great-grandchildren sang a song, and my other aunt and her husband played a piano-organ duet.  Grandpa would have hated all the attention because he was so humble and never seeking attention, but it was nice to hear stories about him and be inspired to be a better person.
After the nice dinner the ward provided, we gathered with just my parents and siblings for a picture.  My sister’s son Jacob and Abby sat on my parent’s laps before everyone got to the picture.  It takes awhile to round up so many people!

 Here is everyone, except Janessa’s husband Jes and older son Jackson who stayed in Colorado (and Jeff’s son Ben.)

It had been a long time since all six of us kids were together at the same time.  We are often together, but always seem to be missing one or two.
Families are forever.

One response to “Gordon Young Crowther

  1. Mary says:

    Nice posting! Yes, you haven't been with all of your siblings since 2009 and then we didn't have all the spouses there either. Glad we could be together. I love my family!

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