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Candid Camera

on January 24, 2013
If you aren’t already giggling at this first picture, you’ve never made Abby unhappy.

 Olivia was playing with our original digital camera (the one we bought the end of 2004) and took a bunch of pictures so these first ones are from her.
Vincent and Abby on Monday.  Vincent was still all dressed up from Grandpa’s funeral.

 This girl is so much fun.  She wore that hot pink necklace all day long.  It kept her busy during the talks at the funeral too (that’s not what she wore though).

 Photo from Tuesday of Abby wanting Olivia to give her the camera.  She’s so pitiful looking.

 Olivia must have handed the camera off to Elizabeth for this picture.  She makes me laugh.

 Another sad picture of Abby… =(

 Elizabeth used some of Olivia’s makeup Wednesday night while I finished a project.  (The more they use, the faster it’s gone, right?)

 Olivia’s makeup.  They are only allowed to use it at home.

 My project for Wednesday?  Rearranging Vincent’s room.  Soon we’ll get a bunkbed for he and Abby to share and I wanted the window to not be blocked (yes, I do know that curtain is ugly–it’s on the list of things to fix.)  Vincent’s bed was in the other corner where the green chair is and our big armoire was in the corner where his dresser is now.

 The blue totes hold clothes for Vincent to grow into and Halloween decorations.  They are more sturdy than they look.  He’s still sharing the room with my computer too.

 I moved this armiore over behind the door after unloading it. It was full of the food storage boxes (like the ones on the left of it.)  Now it has all of the boxes of boy clothes and I’ll be able to use the closet rod inside for Abby’s dresses when she moves in there in another few months.  On top of the armoire are more decorations.  The food storage on the side is what wouldn’t fit under Vincent’s bed.

 Elizabeth says she’s like “Lady Gaga the Second”.  Yikes.  Then she clarified that she wouldn’t go out in public like this.  I was relieved.

 See all the food storage boxes?  They are all under Olivia’s bed too.  They make me happy.

 Can you guess that Wednesday is our typical spaghetti dinner night?  These two played on Vincent’s bed while I vacuumed more.  Yea for happy kids!

Vincent was so tired after going to preschool, playing with Rory again, and playing with his sisters.  His Woody helps him sleep better and he always makes sure they are both covered by the blanket.

I was feeling really good on Sunday when I fit into this dress.  It’s been a very long time since I could wear it.  I like having new/old clothes again.
There was freezing rain around here last night, so we’ll see if they delay or cancel school.  There’s nothing on my schedule and I wanted to keep it that way….maybe…

2 responses to “Candid Camera

  1. Carrie Jacks says:

    I love seeing the pictures my kids take. Usually it's a complete surprise that they're there when I put the pictures onto my computer. You are looking fabulous!

  2. Mary says:

    Yes, I've gotten that scowl. Scary make-up. Fingers crossed for a FREE DAY!

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