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Abby’s Two

on January 27, 2013
Abby turned two years old on Friday, January 25th.  I had her pictures taken that morning at JcPenney Portrait Studio.  Check them out here and note that she is a really hard kid to take a smiling, cute picture of and then rejoice with me that we had several good ones to pick from. We went in with her outfit all picked out and on and then the photographer asked if we wanted some in her coat that my mother in law Shirley made for Elizabeth.  Super cute with the white background.
We went to lunch at McDonald’s with Grandma Shirley and Abby opened up her first birthday present.  She ate her entire Happy Meal (and so did Vincent) while I thoroughly enjoyed my Southwest Grilled Chicken Salad. 
We went to the library and Abby colored and told more people, “I am Twwwo.”  I’ll have to get a video because she says it so cute.  Elizabeth has been teaching her to say it for weeks!
Our dinner was Hawaiian Haystacks because Abby LOVES rice!  Actually she loves pretty much every food we give her.  She usually has seconds and sometimes even has thirds.  The only thing she doesn’t like much of is bread, but she gobbled up my French bread this week, so maybe even that is fazing out. 
Abby opened up her present from us (that she picked out a few weeks ago when she came to the store with me).  I figure she couldn’t ask for what she wanted from Santa at Christmas, so I might as well let her pick her birthday present.  At least I knew she’d like it!  She looked pretty happy and surprised, so I think she had forgotten about it. 

 She’s been a mini mommy ever since! Olivia has been training her to take great care of her baby.

We played games Friday night with our buddy Nathan and coaxed coerced him into agreeing to watch our kids Saturday afternoon so we could go to the Temple for the month of January.  Andy and I ended up doing Initiatories which we haven’t done since we went ourselves.  It was great (and fast too!)  Then Andy and I went to Home Depot and picked up some supplies for a few projects and then relieved Nathan on kid duty.  He really just hung out with them and made sure everyone stayed inside, let Abby sleep, and ate their lunch that Elizabeth made them (ramen).  He told us that he DID check on Abby every 15 minutes, sneaking into her room where she was sleeping to make sure she was still breathing.  That’s WAY more than I do.  I shut the door and don’t open it again until she’s awake three hours later.  I had to smile at that.  Nathan will be a great dad someday and is practically our kid’s uncle.
We went to Red Robin for our birthday dinner Saturday night.  Each of our kids picked a different meal.
Elizabeth chose a cheeseburger and fruit punch with fries.

Olivia picked a pepperoni pizza with apples and lemonade.

 Vincent really liked his chicken fingers, mandarin oranges, and root beer.  They were the “Best dinner EVER!” (note: He proclaims that at every meal very energetically.  I love it!)

 Abby’s macaroni and cheese, fries, and sprite were finger-licking good!

All four kids ate every last bit of their meals.  Andy had the ribs and chicken fingers with fries and I had the chicken tortilla soup with a light raspberry lemonade (or three…)  Delicious!
The servers came and sang to Abby for her birthday.  She looks pretty excited to see this delicious treat.  She had just finished her macaroni and cheese and her face was dirty when they came over.  Oh well.  Real life.

Don’t worry, she shared with all of her siblings and it was soon gone.  She ate the cherry on top though.

We went to my brother’s house for his son’s fourth birthday party.  His mom made a cool pirate cake (and it’s even egg, nut, milk free and delicious!)

What a great weekend.
PS.  I even ran a tiny bit and walked quickly for more than a mile.  I think I may do a fun run 5K in April.  Who wants to join me?

PPS.  Look for more birthday pictures in the next few weeks.  We have Vincent’s January 31st and then Elizabeth’s February 6th.  We’re doing a triple birthday party next week and a few friend get togethers too.  We love this time of year (even more when it’s over!)
The picture Olivia took on my old camera was cuter than the ones I took.  I keep forgetting to download two cameras worth of pictures before blogging.  Adorable!

One response to “Abby’s Two

  1. Mary says:

    CUTE pictures! Glad the Photographer got a couple smiles. Just a hint, this Grandma would like her in a professional picture with a Foo FOO Dress sometime… Great idea to have family Birthday Dinner OUT! Sorry I missed the Pirate fun with Sam.

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