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on January 30, 2013
Today I completed my goal for January of scanning my last scrapbook I made with pictures taken before our digital camera, thus making all good pictures accessible to me. This album was when Elizabeth was between one and two years old.
To start out, look how skinny and young we were!  This was a trip to Las Vegas in 2004. 
My parents moved to Walla Walla that year, so some time was spent packing boxes and playing (probably while our laundry was washed at their house).  My dad was playing with Elizabeth in the box.

 Out at a cousin’s wedding reception.  Can you believe that little girl is nearly TEN?

 A picture of me with my hair straightened, which rarely happens, I like this one a lot and hadn’t looked at it for years!

 And finally a picture that made my heart swell up.  Elizabeth sucking her thumb, holding her favorite blankie, in clothes that Abby wears right NOW, and on Grandpa Gordon’s lap.  He was always so, so kind to our children.

Andy and I used to always play Scrabble with Grandma Zora when we visited and Grandpa would play with Elizabeth (and later Olivia–and then we had too many kids to visit so often…)

Looking at old pictures reminds me that I NEVER EVER regret taking a picture.  I often regret NOT taking one though.  I’m so very glad for pictures and the memories and emotions they bring back.

PS.  There are plenty of other pictures in the album of our younger siblings, pregnant sister in laws, naked Elizabeth, and more that I refrained from posting, so if you are in those categories, you are welcome.

2 responses to “Reminising

  1. The Four J's says:

    I love that picture of you with your hair straightened!! Elizabeth was so adorable (and still is!!) Can't believe she's almost 10… eek!!

  2. Mary says:

    You chose the better pics to share anyway! Good job finishing your goal for the month of January. I'm with you on having regrets of pictures NOT taken.

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