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Vincent’s FIVE

on January 31, 2013
Vincent turned five on the last day in January.  Here’s one of my favorite pictures of him when he was tiny.  He has always been so alert.  He’s only three weeks old here and was all dressed up for Torrie’s wedding.

Just look at him today!  He’s gotten so big and enjoys every moment to the fullest.  He is easily excited and has a great imagination. (That’s cake in his teeth.  Don’t worry!)

I took Vincent and Abby to Barnes and Noble this morning for their little free treat with the birthday club there.  Vincent asked me if the workers make the treats after the store is closed or when they make them.  I had him ask the lady who works there and she just told him that they make them there everyday. 
Abby chose a sugar cookie.  The lady next to us thought she was adorable, especially when she got a napkin and started cleaning up her crumbs on the ground.
I took Vincent and Abby to Sonic for lunch because of Sonic’s awesome kid birthday program.  The kids get a free kid meal and I just got a few little things for my lunch and it was so cheap!  Sonic even emails a half birthday coupon for a half priced kid meal.  I’ll take Elizabeth and Olivia after Elizabeth’s birthday for their goodies.  
PS.  If you like to sign up for birthday coupons, don’t forget Toys R Us (free card, call, and $3), Red Robin, Famous Dave’s, and I’ve heard that Texas Roadhouse does something too.  
Abby had a nap after lunch . We are just doing one big family party this year for our three kids, so I thought it’d be fun to invite a few friends over just to play. They each even brought Vincent a present.  Vincent is a great present opener and shows so much emotion and excitement.  I’m going to have to video the next time he opens something, but you must promise to turn down your volume on the video. =)

I made the dinner Vincent requested tonight.  I made it just a few weeks ago and he said then that he wanted it on his birthday.  It’s General Tso’s Chicken and it’s delicious!  We had it with rice and broccoli.  Vincent calls it spicy chicken.
After dinner Andy took Elizabeth to Jujitsu and the other three kids had baths.
Then we read some stories while we waited for Grandma Shirley and Grandpa George to come over.
Grandma Shirley with Vincent and his new dinosaur transformers.  Man, you really should have seen his reaction to opening this on video.  He squealed and exclaimed and to say he loved them may be an understatement.  Then Olivia wanted a picture that was just right and made him wait to open them even longer.  (Thanks, Olivia, it’s nice to have you on my side.)

 After Andy and Elizabeth got back, Vincent opened his present from us.  It’s a Cars track.  He liked that too.

 Our girls are just about as excited as Vincent to open gifts.

 Olivia helping Vincent with his new track.  The cars push the barrels down the track and then they crash at the bottom.  I see hours of entertainment.

Tomorrow Vincent is going to be so busy playing.  I love this time of year.  I’ll be baking in the morning, having Vincent’s pictures taken in the afternoon, and grocery shopping in the evening.  Full, fun day (always!)

One response to “Vincent’s FIVE

  1. Mary says:

    Sorry he didn't WIN the Cake from KORD again this year. Glad he had a good day. I should have called. See you tomorrow.

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