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Triple Birthday Party

on February 3, 2013

 Friday was a Sports Spirit day at the school.  While we aren’t all that interested in regular sports (football, basketball, baseball, etc.), we do have some little athletes at our house.  Elizabeth wore her Jujitsu gi and Olivia wore a ballerina outfit.  Abby wanted them to help her put her coat on so we could leave for the school.

Friday afternoon (after having Vincent’s five year old pictures taken HERE), I made the chocolate frosting for Vincent’s birthday cake and I made the cake part as well.
Vincent and Elizabeth helped me clean the beaters for the frosting.  Olivia got a little spoonful too.

Vincent’s Transformer cake.  Andy drew the Transformer symbol in the middle.  The frosting was a little bit too runny and the border around was slipping which is why it’s not the very most beautiful cake, but it sure did taste good!

Elizabeth helped me make THIS Kraft Oreo Fudge Ice Cream Cake.  I frosted it and put the sprinkles into the shape of a “10”.  I LOVE this cake!

My mom offered to make a doll cake for Abby.  It’s so cute.  Abby loved it. My mom blogged here.

Elizabeth was super surprised when she opened up the next Fablehaven in the series.  She’s working on the book just before this one.  Our good friends asked what she’s interested in and I suggested this along with a few other things.  Books are awesome!

Aunt Torrie found the perfect little dustpan set for Abby.  She started using it immediately to clean up scraps of paper on the ground and threw them away.  I think we’ll make good use of this gift!

Abby had her birthday January 25th, so we sang to her first.  She did great and blew out her own candles. Our nephews ran in the other room when the naked doll came out of the cake to be cleaned up.

 Vincent blowing out the five candles on his cake.  He has the middle birthday in our set six days after Abby and six days before Elizabeth, so we sang to him second.

Elizabeth hasn’t had her birthday quite yet, but will this week.  She blew all TEN candles out on the first try. (Or, you know, TWELVE because her mom can’t count after all that craziness!)

 Abby likes the little doll even better dressed.  There are tiny shoes to take off and put on too.

 Elizabeth sorted the coins from Grandma Ellen and Grandpa Paul into three piles; one for each of the birthday kids.

Vincent was most obsessed with this transforming toy.  It changes super fast into a car by sliding the police car lights down.  He must have played with this for a good hour before bedtime.

It was such a fun party.  We served Winco Hoagies (our favorite thing to serve at our parties), three kinds of salad, and a variety of chips.  And now we are done with half of our family’s birthdays for the year.  Wheww!
Robie and Nathan stayed after the party so we could have a second game night while our kids played.  We are so grateful for so many generous and loving people around our children.


One response to “Triple Birthday Party

  1. Mary says:

    Thanks for the FUN. So glad I could help by making the Dolly Cake. It made another Grand-daughter want one in May!

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