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Rockets and Elizabeth’s TEN!

on February 7, 2013
Wednesday was Elizabeth’s tenth birthday.  She is now a decade!  How can that be? 
Here’s what Elizabeth looked like just after she was born.  She was quite beat up from the failed delivery and c-section, but we still thought she was cute and loved her so much (obviously!)  She was 9 pounds 2 ounces.
Since the girls had school today, Elizabeth took some cake pops to share with her class and Vincent, Abby, and I went about our normal daily routine.
This Wednesday I was in charge of our preschool swap.  The letter was R.  I found this great idea on Pinterest to make Rubberband Rockets and even printed the rocket picture on red paper to go with the R theme.  Here is Vincent trying his rocket out.  You push down and do a countdown… 5…4…3…2…1…and…

BLASTOFF!  They didn’t always fly straight up since it depended on how you let go of the top cup, but the kids in our preschool liked it and they enjoyed showing their moms when they each took their rocket home.

After preschool, Abby needed a rest.

It makes her awfully tired.  We ate some lunch and then she went right to bed.  So did Vincent.  He’s got a little cold to get rid of. 
I took a nap too!  It was lovely.  Aren’t all naps great?
After school and a report of a great day, the kids played until it was time to make some dinner.
Elizabeth asked me if she could make the soup I made a week or two ago for her birthday dinner.  Since I don’t turn down many helpful requests, we made it.  Here’s the finished product and the recipe/photos are on my (much neglected) food blog here.

While making the soup, Elizabeth made some Kool-Aid too.  I guess we could have that for her birthday!

Andy rushed off to mutual right after dinner and while I cleaned up the kitchen, I caught Elizabeth reading this book to Vincent.  I guess I didn’t catch her quite fast enough because she covered her face!

 Grandma Shirley (and Grandpa George was in the car) picked Elizabeth up so she could go pick out her own birthday present at the store.  I was studying this picture a little to see if they look alike and I think they have the same lips!  What do you think?

Elizabeth came home with a new doll to play with.  She and Olivia like to make dresses for them, remember their blog?  Grandma Shirley made a few outfits for the doll, including this green one.

And this reddish one that Torrie and Elizabeth have matching dresses out of.  She didn’t get finished with the leggings and boots she planned on making to go with the outfit.  The girls were impressed with her sewing skills and kept asking if she was sure she didn’t buy the outfits.
Here’s the picture of Torrie in her Homecoming dress and Elizabeth in her semi-matching dress.  Guess how often people commented (and still do) on Elizabeth’s hair?  Pretty much everyday!
I want to remember this one day.  Vincent likes to put a sock in his pants (“but not his shorts” ie:underwear, he clarifies) to be his dinosaur tail when he’s pretending.

 Abby with the things she loves most.  Doll to play with and of course her special bunny.

 Andy loves these pictures, so I’m saving it here.

I asked Olivia if she’d get toothbrushes ready for Vincent and Abby and she took that direction and helped them brush too.  When I went in, I couldn’t resist grabbing my camera for a picture.  
When Andy and I brush their teeth, even when they’re little, we count to ten and pause the counting if they bite down on the toothbrush.  I think this helps them know that it will be done soon and they learn their numbers.  We brush longer than ten seconds, but we can count as slowly as we need to.  Olivia told me she brushed and counted to 15!
Abby doesn’t need any encouragement to brush her teeth.  She loves it.  Even if she’s sad that it’s time for bed, if we say it’s time to brush teeth, she’ll run right in! 

What a lot of fun these last ten years have been!  We sure love Elizabeth in our family and cannot believe what a good little lady she’s becoming.  In ten more years, she could be married with a baby like I was at twenty (I was nearly 21 when I had her)!  We really need to relish each day and enjoy the ride.


One response to “Rockets and Elizabeth’s TEN!

  1. Mary says:

    Yes, Enjoy the ride! I'm so glad you aren't too busy to take time to play with the Preschoolers. The rubber band, red, rockets at the Ransoms were a hit. Lucky Elizabeth to have two grandmas who sew. I love the red hair too!

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