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Has Spring Sprung?

on February 9, 2013
It was 49 degrees here this afternoon.  While that’s not all that warm really, compared to the freezing temperatures of a few weeks ago, the kids were ready to play outside!  It was sunny and beautiful to boot. 
Memory Lane Stroll: I remember when I was at Rick’s College for the semester (right before it became BYU-Idaho) walking into our building for church and noticing it was 25 degrees and we were cold, but not too much (you adjust to those kinds of temperatures and we were walking fast uphill) and then when we got out, it was 27 degrees and we were freezing because we’d been in the college building for three hours where it was 75 degrees.  I liked that time of year when I’d come out of a class and there would be people sunbathing in their capris in the grassy areas even though it was 40 degrees.  It was hilarious to me.
Back on track! Abby rode this old train toy.  She stayed on the sidewalk very well, but I stayed very close to her just in case.  You just can’t depend on a two year old (or cars to see her).  So cute!
Abby started saying “Choo-choo!” while she drove.  I think she’s getting too tall for those pants now…

Vincent has a good time no matter where he is.  He was really bookin’ on his trike.  We need to get our bikes all tuned up soon.

Can’t you see how much fun he’s having? Yelling the whole way.

Elizabeth came out to play with sidewalk chalk for a minute.  She decided to run back inside when I took the picture.  She’s always running, even through our little house.

Beep. Beep.  Olivia thought she could draw on our sidewalk right where Vincent kept coming through.  Not the best idea.  She moved soon after.
We got a package in the mail today from Andy’s sister, Sara with presents for our cluster of birthdays.  They all liked them.  Thanks, Sara!

Elizabeth really likes her new purple scarf.  So cute!

Andy and Elizabeth went to a Father Daughter Activity Day night Friday and played Minute to Win It games.  They had a good time.

When they got home, Abby and Vincent went right to sleep and Olivia, Elizabeth, Andy, and I played a few fun games of Uno until Nathan got here for our delayed game night.
Thursday morning Vincent and Abby went to the doctor for their well check appointments.  They are both growing at their same normal speed (25-30%) and the doctor said they are perfect.  They were playing with the puppets there and using their imaginations.  They are not shy at all.  Vincent got his very last shot needed for kindergarten this fall.


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