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Donuts and Olivia Award

on February 15, 2013
Friday morning was Morning with Mom that our PTA puts on each year (Donuts for Dad was last month).  I asked a friend to take our picture and then took one of her and her daughter. I love donuts!  I’ve been thinking about Morning with Mom all year!

Andy stayed home with Vincent and Abby and went to work a little late so I could go to the school.  When I got home, my plan was to immediately start cleaning because I had laundry and dishes and some bathroom cleaning to do.  Instead I decided to check my email.  It was a good thing I did because there was an email from Olivia’s teacher that she’d be getting an award at 9:30am.  We had about 40 minutes until it was time for that, so I got Vincent and Abby ready and headed back over there.
Our school has a C.A.R.E.S. program and each teacher picks a student each month who they think showed the characteristic of what they’re working on that month the best.  The characteristics are Cooperation, Attitude, Respect, Effort, and Safety.
Olivia won the Respect award for her class and got a pencil, pin, and certificate.  They also take a picture of the whole group and put it up in the hallway.  I love that they still do some individual awards and they aren’t all just “participation awards”.

Olivia with her teacher, Ms. Marchell.

 Olivia with the principal, Mr. Jisa.

Other C.A.R.E.S. awards are posted for Elizabeth and Olivia.  Click on their names if you want to read them.
Way to go, Olivia!
PS.  Did you see Vincent playing behind Olivia in that picture of just her?  He stayed there with his car while Abby walked down the main hallway with the first graders… I knew she wouldn’t get too far away, but thought she was still in the main room. I was happy when a paraeducator brought her back.
It’s my dad’s birthday today and their ward is having a Valentine’s Dance and childcare so we are going to celebrate with them tonight!


2 responses to “Donuts and Olivia Award

  1. Mary says:

    Thanks for coming over. It was fun to see Grandpa Dancing with Olivia. I don't think I've seen him move quite like that in public before. LOL

  2. […] I received emails from Elizabeth and Olivia’s teachers that they were both picked by their classroom vote to win the overall CARES award for their class at the end of the year assembly.  To learn more about CARES, go here. […]

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