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Sweetheart Dance

on February 18, 2013
Friday evening we went to Walla Walla to a Valentine’s dance with my parent’s ward on my dad’s birthday.  They had childcare there too.
I wore a dress my mom made for me years ago! We had a good time visiting with my parent’s friends, eating yummy food, and we even danced a little.  They had a photographer there to take pictures.

 We even took a picture with my parents.

Saturday morning Elizabeth came grocery shopping with me so she could pick out a gift for a friend’s birthday party that afternoon. We had a half hour in between to eat a quick lunch and then we went to the party.
Elizabeth eating her ice cream and pineapple.

 Olivia trying out the cupcake and mint chocolate cookie ice cream with the birthday boy’s sister.  They used to live close to the school, but moved a few months ago and changed schools.  It was good to see them again.

When we got back from the party, Andy and I got ready for a visit to the Temple.  Our buddy Nathan came over to babysit our kids again.  We planned on having game night Saturday night since we were busy Friday night, but Nathan had work he needed to finish, so we just had pizza with him and then he went home.
Olivia had the Family History Moment in Primary Sunday morning.  She called my parents Saturday night to ask for a story from each of them.  She chose to use the story about my mom’s Grandpa.
Here’s what she said:
William Brown
Olivia Ransom Family History Moment 2-17-2013
My Grandma Mary Crowther had a grandpa named William Brown who would come and visit her in the summer. He was blind. He liked to ask my grandma to go to the store nearby and buy him candy. He would give her a bill and ask her if it was a 5 dollar bill or a 1 dollar bill. If she told a lie, hoping to keep the extra money from a 5 dollar bill, he would catch her because my grandma’s mom folded down the corners on certain bills so he’d know which bill was which.
Another interesting thing William did was count the coins of change that my grandma brought back to him with the candy. He knew which coins they were by feeling the size and the edges of each coin and he’d know if my grandma tried to keep some for herself.
My Grandma Mary learned to be honest from her grandpa.
This is a picture of William with his wife Florence Adell Butterworth Brown.

Sunday night we were invited to Andy’s Aunt Nancy’s house for dessert.  Andy’s home teaching companion set up appointments at the same time, so he went there.  I walked over to Aunt Nancy’s house (1.18 miles away) and Andy picked us up when he was done.  I walked/ran home with Elizabeth.
Monday is President’s Day and there is no school, so the kids are playing, I just made banana bread and boiled eggs, and we have a sewing club meeting set up for this afternoon.

One response to “Sweetheart Dance

  1. Mary says:

    I was more amazed that he knew how to tell. I only surmised recently that my mom figured out how to help him trick me. I wasn't trying to be dishonest, really.

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