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Who Loves Science?

on February 22, 2013
If you don’t like it now, maybe you’ll like it a little more after you see our fun night at the school.
I already posted about Elizabeth’s science project here, so if you want to read it or watch her presentation, go there.
We went over to see her poster next to the others on the cafeteria tables.

Abby was very interested.   I like how she’s holding onto the edge of the poster with her little hand.

In addition to displays of projects by the students, there were scientists and other fun things to do (using science).  Andy helped Elizabeth get this wheel moving.  Once it was going really fast it was hard to turn it.

Olivia wanted to try it out too.  Elizabeth was spinning it and we decided we’d better pull Olivia’s hair out of the way!

One of our friends shared his display about trains and how they are strong and heavy and fast and not to play near them.

Elizabeth and Olivia both tried out this static electricity ball.  It didn’t do much, but I’m sure it was tingly. I felt my hair get frizzy just standing near it!

Elizabeth teacher brought her pony out again this year.  She’s had him since she was in third grade.

The 4-H group in our town brings their guinea pigs and bunnies out to share with the kids (along with hand santitizer!)  That bunny on the left was playing dead for most of the night.

There were even earthworms for Vincent to touch.  They made him giggle when they tickled his hands.

Abby liked to pat the bunny, but wasn’t all that soft.  She patted instead of petted.  She needed supervision.

And for the most fun of the night, the hover craft!  This went down one of the hallways and floated them on the plywood while they steered it (sort of).  

A guy from our ward ran this with his son.  He said Elizabeth could take Vincent with her if she wanted to.  Elizabeth even let Vincent help.  They loved it.

And finally on the way out, there was a telescope set up.  Unfortunately, it was aimed at a street light across the playground because it was too cloudy for stars.

Elizabeth and Olivia walked home quickly with me.  Gotta love squeezing in the exercise.
Thursday morning was spent renaming picture file names on the computer.  I take so many pictures and I do have a system, but I’m not always good about keeping up to date.  I did half the year last year so I renamed the pictures from September, October, November, and December today. I’ll do summer soon.  My system is this:
Each year has a folder.
Each month has a folder.
Each picture is named like this: 2013_0221(001) for the year, month, and date and in parentheses is the number of the picture from that date.  They continue in order until the next date of pictures and then the numbers start over again.
I like this because when I print pictures from Winkflash, they print the file name on the back of the picture, so it makes it easy to know when the picture was taken and I don’t have to write it in when I get pictures back.
Soon I’ll make a few DVD copies of all of our pictures again to put away in our safe and one to send to Andy at work.  No taking chances on losing pictures here (and they’re all on my blog too).

Anyway, do you love science now?


One response to “Who Loves Science?

  1. Mary says:

    A bit of Back to the Future there with the "hovercraft" pretty cool! I remember the olden days when I was little the Science demo of that static ball, what fun it was. Elizabeth did a good job on her project with your help! Kudoes to MOM.

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