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BYU Ambassadors (with a very special guest performer)

on February 23, 2013
We went to the matinee of the BYU Ambassadors performance of “Harmony The Music of Life” Saturday.
I got an email a month or so ago from a lady in our ward who was in charge of setting some details up ahead of time asking if my girls would like to be involved.  They only wanted kids 5-8 though so Elizabeth was too old.  I didn’t even think of Vincent until we were there because at the time he was still 4.  
Anyway, Olivia was asked to show up an hour early to learn something onstage with the performers.  
Elizabeth and I waited in the foyer where we hung out during Nutcracker sometimes.  Elizabeth brought her Fablehaven book to read.  She finished the third one Friday because she stayed home with a sore throat and stuffy nose, but it fine now.  

I wasn’t sure what the dress code was (or if there was one), but Olivia and I went to a baptism for a girl in our ward Saturday morning so we just stayed dressed up.  It’s always better to be overdressed we say.  There were plenty of people in jeans though so if that’s what you like, you’ll be comfortable in that too.

Because we knew ahead of time that Olivia would be involved, we invited a few people.  Both Grandmas were able to come with us making it a great girl day.  

After the kids practiced, they brought Olivia and the four other kids (two boys were from our ward) and told us that they would all be in the second song and just Olivia would be in the third as well.  Ummm, AWESOME!

The show was excellent and so much fun to hear their beautiful singing and watch their wonderful dancing, all set to terrific music played by ten musicians onstage.  They sang songs to show the different stages of life.  Childhood was first. Olivia was in a scene where the kids were playing and followed a few performers around the stage.  Then the other kids left and they walked Olivia over to a rocking chair and sang/read her a fairytale while other performers danced and acted it out.  Then the stage erupted with more performers, they walked Olivia around the stage some more, danced around a man on stilts, and settled back into the rocking chair.  It was so great and of course I was smiling/grinning the WHOLE time.  Olivia did a great job.  She’s never nervous onstage.  I met her backstage as soon as she was done and she came to watch the rest of the show with us.

Olivia asked for autographs after the show and I took some pictures.  This performer is Sarah Russo.  She was super nice to Olivia.  Elizabeth was nearly as tall as her even though they are both wearing high heels.

 This performer is Becca Petersen.  She was the princess in the scene Olivia was a part of.

Me and my two older girls.  It’s so much fun to do things like this with them.

Abby started potty-training on Friday.  This is sooner than I have ever started before, but she is acting ready, so we bought some little tiny underwear for her.

She started after her nap on Friday (about 5pm because she laid down late).  As a reward for trying to go, she gets an m&m.  If she actually goes pee, she gets two m&m’s.  And if she poops, she’ll get three m&m’s.  No accidents on Friday and she went potty eight times or so.
Saturday was not nearly as nice and all six pairs of underwear are now in the washing machine.  She was home with the boys all day and doesn’t say when she needs to go yet, but anytime Andy took her, she’d go and then pee more ten minutes later.  He was done with that struggle when he laid her down for her nap, so we’ll try some more with her tonight and hurry those panties up to dry.
I’ll keep you all updated in this crazy endeavor.
How ’bout our little performer???  I wish we could have taken pictures and video of her onstage.  It really was just fantastic.

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