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Out on a Limb

on March 13, 2013
This week the weather has been beautiful around here.
Monday the kids and I walked to the library (2 miles away) after dinner.  Vincent complained the whole way there saying, “It’s noooo use! I’ll never make it!” but he was perfectly fine on the way home, which makes no sense because there’s a big hill to climb on the way home and it was after walking there and hanging out in the library for the second time that day.  I think what helped him is that we came across some little flies on our walk and so Abby and Vincent and I “raced” them.  They were going the same direction as us and were right with us most of the way home (which is kind of gross and I wanted them away from poor Abby in the stroller).  I guess I just made the walk home more fun.  I need to work on that more.  And according to my cool Nike+ pace/calorie counter, I burned 522 calories.  I’ll take it!
I signed Vincent up for kindergarten starting this fall on Monday too.
Tuesday Vincent, Abby, and I went to visit my Grandma Zora for a little bit.  She’s doing pretty well right now and says she feels like she’s all healed up from her latest vertebrate break.  (I’m making sure to take my calcium every day so I have less chance of getting osteoporosis!)  It was great to visit with her, as always.
Tuesday afternoon, we picked up a few friends to play with while Abby napped.  Ally needed a rest in the afternoon because she’s getting over Mastitis and it’s much easier to rest without a four year old bugging you (I should know.  Ally helps me all the time when I have a baby—and even when I don’t.)  Another friend hurt her back on Friday morning, right after she taught a class on Thursday night for our Stake Relief Society meeting.  She was kneeling down to pray and her back wouldn’t work to get up.  She sat there for an hour before calling her kids to help her and they called her husband and then had an ambulance ride and all day visit in the ER.  Poor girl!  She has six kids and homeschools, but we just borrowed the fifth one while the sixth one napped and the other four are all older and don’t need quite as much assistance.  She was able to rest.  It was fun for Vincent to play with friends.
After dropping Rory off, we picked up the girls and took Olivia to ballet.  She had class pictures there.  We came home, ate some dinner, and then walked Elizabeth to Jujitsu.  Olivia, Vincent, Abby, and I dropped a few things off that needed to be delivered while we were at it.  It feels great to get out and enjoy the nice weather.
Wednesday after dropping the girls off at school, the younger two and I went to Kohl’s (no more for a bit!  Gotta restart my Kohl’s fast!)  I found some dress shoes for Olivia and Vincent which they’ve been needing and used a $10 Kohl’s Cash that I got last week, along with a 30% off coupon, and they were on clearance for $11.99 each.  Pretty decent.  Then we went and visited a second cousin of mine who lives in Pasco to deliver her baby cross stitch. I’m done with all of the ones I’m doing for 2012 at this point.  I just can’t make them for everyone, which makes me kind of sad, but it’s just not possible.
The girls were out of school early for parent teacher conferences starting Wednesday, so we made sure we were home in time to meet them.  We had just an hour or so before it was time to wake Abby up and go to the conferences for Elizabeth and Olivia.  Elizabeth came with me for her conference and the rest of the kids went to Ally’s house for a bit.  They played outside and Ally said they were good.
She took this cute picture of Olivia and Rory all dressed up.  Rory asks Ally often if she can join our family because we have so many kids.  She’s so sweet.
The girls are both doing awesome in their classes and are both excelling in math especially.  Of course there are some things to work on, so we’ll ramp that up to prepare them for life and the rest of schooling.  Mostly the teachers just said to keep up the good work.
The day was gorgeous again and for some reason the kids didn’t want to play inside.  Who can blame them? The trees were calling their names.
Vincent and Olivia are both getting better at climbing. 
Olivia changed into a different dress to climb.   
 Vincent cracks me up.  He’s so much fun.
I like this picture a lot.  It’s not the best of either of them, but it sure makes me smile.  (Olivia is wearing shorts under her skirt.  Man, those things have come in handy over the last three years—it’s nice that she hasn’t grown that much other than taller!)
Elizabeth climbed higher than ever in the bigger of the two trees in our front yard.  You can see our neighbor’s roofs at the bottom of the picture.
She went even higher than this a little later, but I was making dinner between checking on them.

A neighbor came over to play for a little while before dinner with the kids outside.  I love the happy sounds of kids playing in the springtime (the crying and arguing, not so much!)
We ate dinner early, had baths/shower and then we had a pajama “Wreck it Ralph” movie and popcorn night.  It was a fun little movie.
Andy gets home from Chicago tomorrow.  We are excited to see him again. I drove him to the airport early Sunday morning and then came back home to sleep a little more before church.
I’m sure he’ll have pictures and stories to share in a few days.  I can handle being independent when he’s out of town, but it sure is nice to have him here so we can double-team the kids and I can run errands without everyone, and we really love him too!


One response to “Out on a Limb

  1. Rachel says:

    if there is ever a next time in chicago, let me know. it's only 1.5 hours away. maybe you could jump on the plane?

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