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Sunny Spring?

on March 21, 2013
For a portion of the day Thursday the weather was sunny.  Thursday it was also rainy, cloudy, windy, hailed, AND snowed a tiny bit!  Mother Nature’s having some serious reservations about spring around here!
The portion it was sunny (although still a bit chilly), the kids wanted to play outside.  When our four kids play outside it kind of turns into the whole neighborhood of kids outside.  Luckily, that’s only about ten kids in our quiet (other than us!) block.
I sat near the edge of our grass to keep Abby away from the road for awhile, after sitting right next to the window inside reading a book just wasn’t cutting it.  She just thinks she’s big.  She stays out of the road when I tell her no (and the other kids aren’t playing in the road either!)

 Abby hardly stops outside.  She is so busy.  So busy that this picture was blurry.  I tried to fix it a little by making it look vintage just because I like how she’s running, but I don’t know if I like it.  Do you?

And they all ran down the little hill the kids go to a friend’s yard to play with a few more kids who are too small to leave their yard.

I followed them down the hill because Abby’s just too small still and it was 5pm, which is pretty busy on our road.  Vincent and one other boy are greatly outnumbered, but oh so organized with all these girls around. ;)

 Another Abby running blurry picture.  Awesome. =(

Things are budding out around here.  My roses have plenty of leaves now and my lilacs are getting their leaves.  The tree this branch was on was going to get some good leaves.  It’s been windy.  This branch was in our not very green lawn.

Since my last post, Andy had another overnight work trip to Portland Tuesday night.  He came home Wednesday night after his training with gifts from Ikea.  I love my new rainbow plastic plates.
Elizabeth and I walked to the library Monday night and made excellent time.  I like walking with her.  She’s fast and talkative.  (I don’t know where she gets that…)
Monday I watched four extra kids.  Two were from a friend who hurt her back two weeks ago and they were just here through lunch and the other two were from another friend who hurt her back just a day or two before I watched them.  They were supposed to come all day, but her husband didn’t drop them off until lunchtime, so I fed six kids lunch.  Vincent and Abby each had two friends their age, so it was almost like two sets of triplets for lunch, but they all ate and then Abby and a friend had naps.  Elizabeth and Olivia came home from school (still parent teacher conferences with early release), so I took two friends home while Elizabeth managed the house for 15 minutes.  I did take Vincent with me because he and Elizabeth butt heads a lot and I didn’t want them waking up the two babies.  Anyway, it all worked out.  Everyone played nicely and had a good time and the sleeping babies slept for four hours each!
Tuesday I was being lazy and hanging out in my pajamas all morning when my buddy Ally called me to see if Rory could come and play.  I invited them over for lunch and then Rory stayed until it was time for Olivia’s ballet.  We walked Elizabeth to jujitsu, walked home, and then walked back to pick her up.  Then everyone was nicely tired and went right to sleep.  I like nights like that.
Wednesday Vincent had preschool so Abby and I went to visit my Grandma Zora for a bit.  When we got there and knocked, she didn’t answer, so I called planning to leave a message and heard her phone ringing, but she didn’t pick up and there wasn’t an answering machine, so we went downstairs to see if she was checked out and she wasn’t, so I texted my aunt to see if Grandma had an appointment or something.  She said she didn’t and then she was worried too.  One of the ladies who work at the assisted living facility asked if I needed help and I told her what was going on so she went to unlock the door and Grandma was there tying her shoes, doing just fine without her hearing aids in.  She hadn’t heard the door or the really loud phone and had just woken up from a nap, no doubt BY the loud phone!  We had a good visit, as always and I’m so glad she wasn’t hurt or anything!  It made me nervous!
I have another blog about Grandma’s stories coming soon.  She had a few good ones.


One response to “Sunny Spring?

  1. Mary says:

    I didn't make it to IKEA! I passed it going and coming home, but I was excited to get checked in and anxious to get home. I'm glad Grandma was ok. Thanks for checking on her.

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