Ransom Family

Random Ramblings and Happenings

I Spy

on March 29, 2013

A really cute little girl who keeps herself (and me) entertained on a walk.

Some rose leaves turning from red to green.

A little boy who likes to race on his trike.

We walked to the school again Friday before lunch to check out the PTA closet and deliver checks to the treasurer.
When we got home I cleaned up the toys, vacuumed, swept, unloaded the dishwasher, reloaded the dishwasher, mopped, put away laundry, and made pizza dough.  Then I finally showered after the girls got home from school.  Busy, busy, but now our house is clean and fresh and I burned a bunch of calories doing it so I can REALLY enjoy my pizza tonight.
Last night I ran/walked a tiny bit more than a 5K in about 40 minutes.  I did four laps around our neighboring school and walked most of the last two, so I know I can do better than that.  Still, I’m feeling good and confident about this challenge I’ve given myself.  I have a little more than three weeks to train before the first 5K.


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