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Cross-stitching, Chalk, Walk

on April 2, 2013

Olivia and Elizabeth have been begging to learn how to cross-stitch.  I decided that Spring Break would be the perfect time to do that since we are hanging out at home for the week.
Olivia chose a rose pattern and Elizabeth picked a Pepe Le Pew pattern.  They worked on them all afternoon on Monday and woke up Tuesday morning asking to do more.

Vincent wanted to cross-stitch too, but he’s not quite ready for that, so I found some plastic canvas and yarn with a plastic needle for him to try out.
Vincent drew a chalk ladybug family with his Easter chalk.  Cute, huh?

We cleaned up a bunch of leaves Monday morning that were against our back fence and cleared off the patio.  Some of the kids ate their lunch out at our table in the backyard for fun.  It was a beautiful day.  Abby slept until 10:30am!  I slept until 9, so it started out pretty great too.

Tuesday we walked to the library for storytime.  We were a little late because Abby slept until 9:20am and we wanted to leave at 9:30 to be there for the 10am start.  We walked the two miles in just less than 40 minutes on the way there and a little more than that on the way back (uphill and against some wind).
Olivia is a pretty casual walker.  Do you like her one long sock?

Abby gets pushed in the stroller by her sisters and I.  She’s living quite a luxurious life.

Time to go and teach Elizabeth how to sew on my mom’s beginner sewing machine now.  Those crafty kids!


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