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!!!Blogger to WordPress Switch!!!

on April 3, 2013

Blogger keeps putting restrictions on things like picture size and I keep ending up with odd text in the background of my page, so I’m switching to WordPress. Here’s our new link.

https://andynadellransom.wordpress.com/ It’s the same except for the wordpress at the end instead of blogspot.  Wordpress uploaded all of my blog posts and now my food posts and Elizabeth and Olivia’s Specialty Sewing are on this same blog as well.

Also, if you used Google Reader, you probably already know that it’s being discontinued in July.  I switched to Feedly and it let me transfer all of my subscriptions I had in Google Reader right over seamlessly. I can still use Google Reader now if I felt like it, but I like feedly better.

Tell me if you’re confused by all that.  If you want to, you could click over to my NEW blog and just sign up for posts to be emailed to you instead of worrying about all the rest of it.


2 responses to “!!!Blogger to WordPress Switch!!!

  1. Mary C in WA says:

    You’re not the only one switching to WordPress. Got the link fixed on my Blog roll. I’l have to check more on feedly.

  2. Shaunie says:

    I guess I accidentally hit ‘return.’ Thanks for the update on switching over to Feedly and WordPress. I haven’t blogged recently in part due to paranoia that at some point, Google will decide to nix Blogger, and well, there goes my family journal! I will probably be following suit.

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