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Spring Break Wednesday

on April 3, 2013

We hung out for most of the morning relaxing at home before we took some banana bread over to the fire station to give to them because of the tour they did for our preschool last week.  A lady firefighter showed us around this time and even turned on the lights, which they didn’t do last week.  Another firefighter brought some hats over and correctly guessed that Elizabeth wouldn’t really want a plastic hat.  

Then we headed over to see Grandma Zora.  Elizabeth and Olivia don’t get to go very often because I usually go while Vincent’s at preschool, so they wanted to go and visit her. They all did some exercises with her that her physical therapist has assigned her to do. This one was a kick back and up one after the side kicks and knee ups.Image

Grandma Zora showed us her father’s BYU yearbook from 1912.  Here he is Bernard Nash.  Soon after this he went on a mission and then married my great grandma.


Bernard found my grandma’s name in the yearbook right after she was born.  Here is Zora Colton along with her obituary that my grandma found and saved.  I hadn’t heard that story before.


Then she gave the burlap covered yearbook to Elizabeth whose middle name is Zora.  Elizabeth held it gently and decided that she wanted to make a timeline of Zoras and name one of her daughters Zora and then her daughter could have one of her daughter’s middle names be Zora.  She has it all mapped out.

We walked Grandma Zora down to lunch (I carried her walker down the stairs because she didn’t want to wait for the elevator crowd) and went to the craft store.

After lunch Elizabeth got started on my mom’s beginner sewing machine to make another doll dress.  The speed of the machine surprised her and she caught right on to how cool it was.  She finished the dress in no time!


Here’s her doll with her new dress.  Fleece on top, swimsuit material on the bottom.  It’s an ice skating dress and Elizabeth’s going to make this doll cardboard ice skates (the ones that go over your shoes) to go with it.


She hand-sewed the little flower on the front.

While Elizabeth sewed Olivia, Vincent, and Abby played outside.  I think of Pigpen from Peanuts when I see Abby so dirty.Image






We cleaned their hands and faces, ate some breakfast for dinner, and then went on a quick walk along the shelter belt walkway near us. It was 3 miles total to walk and we did it in 50 minutes, which is awesome for walking with kids.

Here they are at the end.  Vincent rode his trike most of the way and Olivia rode her scooter.  Elizabeth’s just sad her scooter wheels broke and her bike tires are still flat.



Bathes were had and the tub needs to be cleaned now…..speaking of that, I need to switch the laundry again (be right back!)….nope, jeans are still wet, so I’m good for another little bit. =)

Vincent and Abby were put to bed and Elizabeth and Olivia watched some American Idol with me while I started the laundry.

Now, isn’t that an exciting spring break?  It IS a break at least, other than the taking-four-kids-to-the-craft-store!

One response to “Spring Break Wednesday

  1. emzhamilton says:

    I’m so impressed with Elizabeth’s sewing. The last picture of all the kids is darling! You have such a cute family.

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