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Andy Adventures

on April 6, 2013

Andy Here:

I have a grab-bag of interesting pictures.

1) Training in Illinois.  In March I went to Rockford, Illinois to attend a training for work.  The weather wasn’t all that great, but I was inside most of the time, so it didn’t matter.

This is the view out my hotel window.


One thing I was able to do was go down to a town called Rochelle, where two busy railroad cross.  There’s a cool little park where you can sit and watch trains all day.  It was cold and windy, so I didn’t stay very long, but long enough to see a few trains go by and make the cold worth while.  This picture is facing West.  Behind me, both sets of tracks come from Chicago.  The Union Pacific tracks go from right to left, heading towards Omaha.  The  BNSF tracks go from left to right, heading towards St. Paul.


A Union Pacific train went by (my favorite railroad).


A BNSF train went by a few minutes later.  I’ve determined that my phone-camera is crummy with action shots.


2) Father and son hockey.  This happens every year.  Everyone had a good time.  Our team, the Tri-City Americans (some of our players actually are American), won.


3) The ‘Best way to Boardman’ contest.  A debate began about the fastest way to get from Umatilla to Boardman.  Bob contended that US 730 was the best way, and that the reduced speed limit would be made up by the shorter distance.  Sam contended that I 82 and I 84 was the best way, and that the longer distance would be made up by the higher speed limit.  Shamra and I were referees and I elected to go in what I believed would be the winning car, the car belonging to Bob.  Sam lost and had to buy everyone burgers.  The only thing that marred this event was the ‘secret’ sauce on my burger – blechh!  At least I know now to ask them to leave that off next time.


4) Trade show in Georgia.  Schneider Electric makes parts that my dad sells, and I use.  They had events in a few different cities to show off new products and talk about important topics.  We missed the shows in Orange County, and Dallas, but made it to the one in Marietta, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta.  The hotel was nice.  The weather was crummy the first day, but we were inside all day so that didn’t matter.  I think they got more rain there in one day, than the Tri-Cities has got all year, so far.  It got nicer on the second day.  Here’s the view out our hotel window.  Atlanta’s downtown is behind that weather vane.


We had some extra time on the second day, so we drove an hour or so North to the Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park.  The park is in two main pieces.  The Chickamauga part is where a main battle was fought while the Union was trying to capture Chattanooga.  The South won the battle, but they didn’t follow up and the North got the city anyway.  There’s a neat visitor’s center with a bunch of cannons out in front.  Here’s my dad standing by one.


The other main part of the park is on top of Lookout Mountain.  After the Union captured the city, the Confederates put cannons up here so they could shell boats and trains that were bringing in supplies.  General Hooker, who hookers are named after because they followed his army around, captured this mountain for the Union.



2 responses to “Andy Adventures

  1. Mary C in WA says:

    so happy you could spend some quality time with adventures. The trains are a favorite for you I know! Great to take time for the history lesson in GA. Thanks for taking pictures even with a crummy camera…remember always- sauce on the side…

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