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General Conference Weekend-Ransom Style

on April 7, 2013

This is how our kids looked watching conference in the computer room which Vincent and Abby share.  Well, to tell the truth, that’s what they looked like for maybe two minutes….


I must say that I like to watch conference and listen to talks, but I really get the most out of it when I reread the Ensign later.

Abby and Olivia colored some of the time.


They ate some crackers (and it looks like they are actually watching in this picture!)


Between sessions the kids had lunch and I went out to finish pulling off the lilacs from last year since the new ones are ready to bloom already.  In another couple of days these will open up and I’ll love it!


Abby came out to join me by the lilacs.  It was slightly windy this weekend.


I made some awesome baked maple bars.  They were SO delicious and the frosting worked out fairly evenly with the bars.  The recipe made 18 donuts.  I added them into My Fitness Pal and each one was 287 calories.  Really reasonable for all that goodness!  I allotted three of them into my calorie count for the day knowing I’d eat that many.  So good!


Andy got home at the very end of the afternoon session from Atlanta.  He told about his trips he’s taken lately in the post previous to this one.  His mom picked him and his dad up at the airport and brought him home to us.  The kids were so excited to see him (and grandpa and grandma too!)  We had a pretty busy hour or so with a family in our ward who are moving cleaned out their house bringing us their extra freezer food so we can eat it or make things for others in our ward and another friend brought her niece over to buy some of my Nifty NaDell things that I make for Ransom Made Design.  Fun!  Our Spring Event is Friday, April 19th (5-9pm) and Saturday, April 20th (9am-3pm) so I’m getting busy finishing (or starting) projects for that.

Saturday afternoon Elizabeth and Olivia played with our neighbor girl and invited her to join us for General Conference Sunday.  Andy set up our regular tv up to his laptop so we could spread out a bit and Vincent was taking a nap during the afternoon one so we could actually listen a little (we found the loud one!)

She came over for the afternoon session and then they played together and the girls invited her over to the dinner at Andy’s parent’s house.  It was a bit too overwhelming for her (she’s an only child and likes quiet…we aren’t very good at quiet.)  Elizabeth and I ended up taking her home and catching the end of dinner.  Everyone feels overwhelmed sometimes.

We had a good visit anyway and she liked the conference talks, although the girls all got bored toward the end and had a countdown going.

Back to school Monday!  Yea!  Then maybe Mommy’s spring break can start?  Probably not with activities, PTA, teaching preschool, and getting ready for the Spring Event….Maybe I’ll be able to nap once in a while in the afternoons again though.  Those girls kept us busy!


2 responses to “General Conference Weekend-Ransom Style

  1. Mary C in WA says:

    Glad you got them together to watch Conference. No more getting all dressed up and going to the Church. Love the Technology that brings the Apostles and Prophet into our homes. Great messages for all of us to ponder in the coming 6 months. Keeping up with the young ones is for the Young! I can still remember those busy days, repeating them isn’t in the plan.

  2. Carrie says:

    Yes, it was “slightly” windy, wasn’t it? I love your new blog. It looks so happy! Hopefully Spring will take a hint from you and it will start to warm up more.

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