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Clot Trot 2013

on April 17, 2013

Tuesday was the big day for the Clot Trot (talked about it back here a bit).

I like that it’s in the middle of the week and in the evening.  I do better that time of day rather than in the morning.  Andy walked the mile with Vincent and Abby rode in the stroller.  I had big hopes of running most of the 5K (3.1 miles) with my girls.

As you can probably tell from my tone (or facebook or My Fitness Pal), we didn’t run much.  We started out alright and then the cold wind was blowing toward us and the girls kind of gave up.  We still walked the whole thing, it just wasn’t quite what I envisioned (although is it ever what we expect in our head?)   Finishing a 5K is still better than avoiding it.

Before the “race”, we had a picnic dinner at the park after we signed in.  Olivia’s ballet class was right before that and we picked the girls up at school to go there.  It was kind of a busy day (so I don’t mind too terribly that I had to walk…)

Andy’s boss is the one who runs the Clot Trot because of his son who has Hemophilia and is currently serving a church mission in Chicago.  His oldest daughter was the host this year instead.

The girls and I teamed up with their accountant to do the 5K.  She nicely held back the running to stay with us and took Olivia the final mile while I waited for Elizabeth to catch up (man, she was going slow!)  It was fun.


Tuesday morning I went in to Elizabeth’s classroom to watch her book report on a biography about a pioneer in a book she read.  Elizabeth found that pink shirt with tags still on it at a thrift store and added a skirt that was a petticoat to a dress my mom made me, along with the apron that my great grandma passed on to me to complete the pioneer look.


She gave a great presentation (easy to understand, talked loud enough, clear descriptions, composed, etc.)  I tried to video it, but my battery died four seconds into it, so I replaced them and settled for actually being there and listening to it instead.  I’ll have to have her type it up and tell more about the person (I can’t even remember her name because I let her do her own work and just help with simple things like braiding her hair.  I had no idea what she was going to say or anything–but Andy did because she practiced with him Monday night, when I had a moody freak out and went to bed early and then woke up at midnight to do some crafting.)

Ransom Made Design Spring Event is THIS weekend!  If you want to know more about it, let me know.

Time to go finish the potato bags, I spy bags, and aprons that are waiting for me….and the laundry and lunches.  Why am I blogging right now again???  And back to work!

4 responses to “Clot Trot 2013

  1. Mary C in WA says:

    Good for you to include the whole Family in the Clot Trot. Walk/Running 5K is an achievement. I’ll wait to hear which Pioneer she talked about too. Looks like I need to make her a ‘real’ Pioneer Dress too. Thanks for Blogging. I enjoy reading them!

  2. Tina says:

    Hahaha. I laughed at your moody freak out part! I’m glad i’m not the only one who does wierd things like that… :) Elizabeth looks cute. And believe me, it’s still great to finish a 5k, and running the whole thing STINKS! :) (I dont’ enjoy them. I think 2 miles is a much bette route!)

  3. […] and running more around here, along with gardening, cleaning, and mowing.  We also all did the Clot Trot. I’m sure we can do even more with the weather getting nicer. Personally, I still have not […]

  4. […] the Glow Run, Brandi (Andy’s work’s bookkeeper who ran with us at the Clot Trot) and Kristine met at my house so we could all go to the race together (which was good because there […]

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