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Active life

on April 28, 2013

Friday night we went to a Preparedness Fair our ward put on and invited another ward to join us.  There was soup and rolls made with only food storage items, great displays, and several interactive things for the kids to do.  Olivia liked grinding the wheat.


Elizabeth and Vincent did that for a little bit too.  Vincent brought a little snack bag of it over and Abby ate it with a spoon.  I guess having a bunch of wheat around our house is a good thing since they’ll all eat it!

Another display had some baby chicks and explained why it’s good to raise your own chickens for eggs (and meat.)  We still aren’t convinced.  They had a drawing at the end of the night to take the chicks and food home.  We didn’t sign up and asked our kids before bed if they signed up for it (because they were over there unattended) and Elizabeth and Olivia both said they knew they couldn’t.  Smart girls!


Abby liked trying all the different foods.  One fun thing was these brownies.


You may think brownies aren’t a food storage item, but if you have a box of brownie mix and a can of black beans, you can make these.  Confused?  All you do is open the can of black beans, drain out the juice, add 1/4 water, blend them well and add them to the brownie mix.  No eggs, milk, or oil needed.  They tasted awesome too!

Emergency personnel were invited to come out and they manned several displays and brought a fire truck and an ambulance.  Can you tell that our kids had a good time?


Elizabeth walked home the mile and a half with me and then we had game night.

Saturday morning I went to the earliest session at the Temple (7am).  I got up about 5am so I’d be ready in time and got halfway there before realizing that I forgot my special Temple clothes and had to hurry home to get them.  I was there in plenty of time which is why we always try to be early.  It was a nice session.

I came home and rested for a half hour before a friend of mine brought her two little kids over to play so she and her husband and baby could go to a different stake’s preparedness fair that had classes all afternoon.  My buddy Ally brought her two youngest over to play while she and her husband went on her birthday date, so we had eight kids at our house.  I think it’s easiest to just have all the fun at once.  The kids played nice.  Abby took her nap.  Ally’s baby cried and then finally fell asleep on my chest while I was in the recliner and I slept a tiny bit too.  The other kids were all playing with Elizabeth and Olivia and Andy was in and out doing chores.

Andy took our used oil from changing the oil in the cars to the dump, fixed our rotatiller so we can fix up the garden (want some strawberry plants???), and fixed up the four bikes I collected last fall.  He put the slime stuff in all the tires so we won’t have any flats and pumped them all up.  Since I was holding three month old Luke and trying to get him to take his bottle, I asked Olivia to go and take Andy’s picture.  He was riding my bike to test it out.


Me and Luke hanging out before he fell asleep.


Vincent playing with his friends.


Olivia wanted to learn how to ride her bike since it was all fixed up, so Andy helped her with that for awhile.  She could pedal, but couldn’t quite remember to use the hand brakes instead of her shoes to stop.  (Yes, we are way behind in teaching our kids to ride bikes.  They just weren’t interested before and they didn’t have bikes to ride either.)


A little guidance…


Olivia felt pretty confident riding that bike.  She’s even using the Michael Jordan tongue-hanging-out method to concentrate.  My brothers were pretty good at that too.



I think Elizabeth’s bike is a little too tall for her still, but she was trying to figure it out.  It was windy and she’s just not quite as coordinated as Olivia, so she had a harder time.



Andy was showing Elizabeth how to keep her feet on the pedals here and push down on them to go.  She kept going halfway around and then stopping herself.


Elizabeth’s still not quite sure about the bike thing, but she did better when she tried Olivia’s smaller bike.



Olivia didn’t like to share much.  (She’s holding her elbow like it’s hurt, but it’s not.)




Once all the visiting kids were collected about 4pm, Andy went to pick up some Little Caesar’s pizzas for our dinner.  His parents stopped by for a few minutes while our kids finished cleaning up (we were racing Andy).

I walked with Elizabeth and Olivia to their free basketball clinic at the high school 1 1/2 miles away and read a book while I waited for them.  They are learning new skills there, but they seem to have my lousy coordination most of the time.  They still like it though.

20130427_830Olivia with her little team waiting for their turn for their three-on-three drill.  The clinic is for six weeks (alternating Saturdays and Sundays so we just go on Saturdays) and is for second through sixth grades.



Olivia is a cartwheel machine!  She doesn’t even wobble much anymore.   She doesn’t have to run to start a cartwheel.  She can just do them anywhere now.



The girls and I walked home and then it was their bathtime and bedtime.  Andy gave Abby and Vincent their baths while we were gone and they were already asleep when we got back.  They are having a rough time learning how to stay in their beds and not talk or play at bedtime, so we started a star chart.  They can earn three  star each night.  One for staying in bed, one for not talking (excessively), and one for not playing.  Saturday night they were so tired, they both earned all three.  Once they get to 30 stars, they get to go and get ice cream with Andy.  They are pretty excited about that (in theory-meaning it doesn’t always translate to good bedtime behavior).  After game night, I went grocery shopping and then finished the ward newsletter when I came home.  I really appreciate Sunday naps after church!

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  1. Kelsey says:

    I’m going to have to try out those brownies, neat idea.

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