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Best Morning Ever???

on April 30, 2013

Here’s my facebook status from this morning:
Today is so *great*. My van’s battery was dead when I went to take the girls to school leaving late of course. I had them hurry and run to school while I shoved the van down the driveway and got a neighbor to help me jump the van. After she refilled the water in the battery (learning new things…), it finally started. I was going to let it run so I locked the door and shut it before remembering that my second set of keys were in my purse by Abby’s carseat, so now Andy’s coming home anyway so the van doesn’t run all day.
Today is *awesome*. I guess I wasn’t supposed to take the two kids I am going to babysit this morning to the library with my two kids? I guess I might as well start the laundry and break something else today while I’m at it…

And the email I sent my daughter’s teachers:
Sorry my girls were tardy today. Our van’s battery is having some trouble staying charged and wouldn’t start this morning so the girls had to hurry and walk to school (almost a mile). Frustrating to say the least.
To say the most, a neighbor came over to jump my van for me and when that didn’t work, she refilled my battery with water (I had no idea to check that, but she has a big rv), and then it finally started. I have two sets of keys to the car and house, so I locked the van with it running to get the charge going. I got into the house before I realized that my OTHER set of keys was in my purse in the back of the van with our library bag. Andy had to drive home from where he was a half hour (since he was halfway to Umatilla) and unlock the car for me. I think I’m going to lay low the rest of the morning and read a book…

Laundry is going and my friend brought her boys over here instead of me taking them to the library while she goes to the doctor to figure out her morning sickness medicines.  Hopefully the van will start this afternoon when I need to go pick the girls up from school and take Olivia to ballet.

2 responses to “Best Morning Ever???

  1. Tina says:

    Holy smokes! don’t you love it when terrible things keep happening…? Hopefully now.. .at least it can’t get much worse?
    Did I tell you about the time I locked Caleb and Derek into the van? With my phone and key? We were on our way to pick up Christopher at preschool. They were both locked in their carseats, and I could NOT figure out how to tell Caleb to get out. Thank goodness for friends right? I finally (through texting on my ipod) got ahold of a friend to pick up Christopher and on her phone we called a locksmith to come bust them out! Of course, Caleb had peed his pants (and they were both bawling the whole time!) Lovely…
    Well, enjoy doing laundry! :)

  2. Mary C in WA says:

    Even I have locked keys in my car with a child inside. I’ll never forget Milton smiling and laughing at me trying to get him to pull up the lock on the car door. NO CARSEATS requires in the car that day in 1977.

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