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How do YOU roll?

on May 1, 2013

Wednesday is always a nice night to walk with my kids.  Andy has mutual, so I’m home with the kids anyway.  It’s good to get them out and moving and I always have my fingers crossed that that will make them go to sleep better (it doesn’t always work like that…tonight, for example!)

But first, someone made my baby sad!  Not really.  Her popsicle was gone and that’s a tragedy around here….obviously.  (I was taking a picture of the girls playing in the front yard before she ran over to me crying.)


Here’s our walk.  Elizabeth and Olivia went with Andy to the Boy Scout’s Court of Honor.
Abby wanted to walk this time.  She thinks she’s big and doesn’t need the stroller anymore.  She actually did pretty well.  We ended up walking (well I walked) 46 minutes and 2 miles.  Not terrible for going the speed of a two year old, right?
Abby likes to walk in people’s yards.  That’s better than her other way of balancing along the edge of the sidewalk, I think.


I walk walking backwards to take Abby’s picture and she turned around and walked backwards too for a little bit.  She really thinks she’s big and then will call herself a baby (she likes to say, “whose my baby?” like I used to ask her.  Then I repeat it and finally I’ll say that she’s MY baby and she giggles.)


Abby decided to “push” Vincent when we caught up to him at the corner.  We always stop at corners to wait at our house and as much as possible, I don’t stop in the middle (except with Abby because she’s little and I obviously cannot be a block ahead of her.)  Vincent was most unpleased about Abby’s “help”.


But they still posed for a picture for me. =)


We walked down our road to a little walking path that is away from cars.  There was a fun birdhouse there that let the sun shine through it.  I liked it.


Down the path some more a lady had a bag full of peanuts that she was feeding a squirrel.  (I showed this to Andy and he said, “Thanks a lot!”)  The squirrel scampered up the tree when Vincent pulled up on his trike.


The squirrel came back down with the coaxing of a peanut.  Look, my picture is in focus and you can see each individual hair on his tail.  Cool, yes?



Abby had to hold my hand on our way back.  She started getting too tired and was crying a little bit wanting me to carry her.  That didn’t happen.  My back cannot handle that even though she’s small.


I figured out that she could fit behind Vincent on his trike once we got to our road.  She sat right down, Vincent pulled down the foot rest for Abby’s feet, and Abby hung on to the back the whole time.  (That’s NOT our yard in the back of the picture.)


I loved her cute little hands hanging on tight.  What a good big brother.



And another picture because Vincent said, “Look I don’t even have to look ahead to drive.”  Yikes.  Don’t worry, that was short lived.  He drove very nicely the rest of the time.


Vincent’s legs were quite scrunched up, but he was a trooper.  I pushed on the back when the little hills came up and he asked for it.



Too bad they still didn’t want to go to sleep tonight.
I don’t have to worry about that for the next three nights since I’ll be away at the PTA convention.   I’m ready for a little break.  Today I tackled a gigantic list so I’m ready for the trip.

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