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Goal Update #4

on May 2, 2013

It’s time to update on my goals for the year since April is over.  Here’s how I did in January,  February and March.

NaDell’s Goals for 2013
1. Read books and magazines that inspire me spiritually as well as intellectually.
I’m in the middle of the April Ensign and I’m caught up completely in all the rest of the Ensign and Friend (until next week when the new General Conference issue is delivered.) At the end of March, I was still in December.
I didn’t read many regular books this month since I was busy with the magazine catch up.  I have a stack on my piano of books I need to read now that I have from the library and one I just started that Andy’s cousin wrote called “Promise of Blood”.  It’s already a trilogy and this is his debut book.  I’ve only read a little bit, but it’s pretty good so far.  It’s about kings and it has a four and a half star rating on Goodreads.  Very exciting and randomly, the maps were drawn by the brother of a lady in our ward who Andy’s cousin knew at college.
Elizabeth and I finally started our next mother daughter book group book, “Everything on a Waffle” by Polly Horvath.  Our book group is in just a few weeks.

Andy and I are in the middle the letter L section in our reading of the Bible Dictionary one page a night.  We are learning a lot.
Still need to work on more family scripture study time.  Juggling is hard.

2. More family exercise.
We’ve been walking, triking, scootering, strollering, biking, and running more around here, along with gardening, cleaning, and mowing.  We also all did the Clot Trot. I’m sure we can do even more with the weather getting nicer.
Personally, I still have not lost more weight, but I did start the Couch 2 5K program that is a more gentle way of learning how to run for longer distances.   I officially signed up for the Run or Dye 5K and the Glow Run 5K.  I need to pick another one too, but I don’t really like the early morning ones much.  I think I do better in the evenings.  Maybe I’ll pick one in August or September for my fourth, but I’ll have to see how these other two do first.  June is our pioneer trek that Andy and I get to be a Pa and Ma for and we are excited for that.

3. TEMPLE with Andy monthly.
April got way too busy way too fast.  Andy didn’t get there this month, but I went last Saturday before everything else happened that day.  It was nice of course, but in May Andy and I MUST go together for real.

4. Catch up my family scrapbooks.
Same as last month:
In January I scanned old pre-digital scrapbooks.

February’s goal was to organize the pictures and papers (invites, cards, etc.) that I already had ready to go. I also renamed the picture files on the computer from the end of 2012 so that when I have them printed, they will have the file name (date) printed on the back (Winkflash does that.)  I still need to work on the pictures from summer 2012 and then I’ll be about ready to print them all. I still need to rename the pictures from last summer and hopefully get started on the scrapbooks from the summer of 2011.

What are your goals?

Any successes?

Any tips for me?

Who wants to babysit so Andy and I can get to the Temple or go on a walk? =)


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