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Everything on a Waffle

on May 14, 2013

Our mother daughter book group read the book by Polly Horvath, “Everything on a Waffle” and got together Tuesday afternoon for our discussion and some delicious waffles.  Here’s our daughters and several younger siblings who play together while we chat.photo (6)

I sent out the reminder email about book group a month and a half ago because we take longer than the normal one month to read a book.  We are all busy ladies! The host mom called me a few weeks ago when I was out of town and asked me what the date was for book group.  I told her the 15th.  She was sort of planning on the 15th, not realizing that it was a Wednesday and they have dance that day and it wouldn’t work for them anyway.  Meanwhile, the rest of us planned on the 14th, which was what the email said.  Then I texted them after school today while I sat in my van in front of the host’s house.  She texted back, “WHAT?!”  I guess she had planned on getting a book discussion online and buying special ingredients to go on our waffles.  She went with it though after realizing that Wednesday wouldn’t work anyway and had her daughter help her pull things out of the cupboards that would work on waffles.  I told her this way she didn’t overdo it.  I guess I should have reminder texted this morning…

In the book the main character has cooking lessons from a lady who owns a restaurant and every meal she makes comes on top of a waffle, even main dishes and things you wouldn’t expect.

Our kids put white cheddar cheese its, blueberries, marshmallows, cool whip, syrup, and fruit roll ups on their waffles (and the waffles were SO good!)

A friend of mine took a few pictures for me because my real camera was at home.  She took the group photo above and this one of Abby cheesing for her after she ate her waffle.

photo (5)

Tuesday morning I met with the school principal and the PTA President to help plan the calendar for next year (I’m the PTA VP.)  It was fun and I think we did a pretty good job of trying to simplify a little bit.  Vincent and Abby went to play at Rory and Luke’s house.

We met the friend who goes to school with us and to Olivia’s ballet class after school so they could drive her to and from ballet this week.  We met them at our house after book group was over.

We ate tacos for dinner without Andy because he had to go to Salem, Oregon for work today.  He left at 5am and just got home at 11:30pm.  Long day.

Then the kids and I rode to Elizabeth’s Jujitsu class.

I rode a bike!  I haven’t ridden since probably middle school when my brother told me that my bike was broken and he was going to fix it and then he left on his mission and didn’t ever fix it and by the time he came home and said there was nothing wrong with it, I was driving…  I had to take a picture of my riding my bike because I’m silly like that.  I’m wearing the watch I won from Utopia Boutique too.


Olivia has really taken off with her bike riding.  She always wants to practice in front of our house after school.  After we rode to jujitsu, she rode around the seldom used side of the parking lot while I watched out a window (and watched Elizabeth, Vincent, and Abby as well.)  It worked pretty well until Vincent and Abby wanted to watch Olivia and we locked ourselves out for the last ten minutes of class.

Here’s a picture of Vincent and Abby playing on a pile of dirt.  They find that everywhere we go!


Good thing it was bath night!

Our next book group book is “Princess Academy” by Shannon Hale.  I cannot wait to read it again with Elizabeth and Olivia this time!

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