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Mother’s Day

on May 14, 2013




For Mother’s Day this year, it was pretty basic (which is better than bad, like it has been sometimes!)  I don’t mind basic at all.  I don’t require flowers, jewelry, and all that just because the day on the calendar says so, although I definitely don’t turn chocolate down!

We went to church and listened to good talks, but the highlight is always the kids singing.  They even all stood near each other so I could look at all three of them.  Abby was sad at the end of sacrament meeting when one of the young men handed me a candy bar, but she didn’t get one.  He unleashed the wrath of Abby!  I didn’t share either, but it was oh so delicious!

We had a good discussion in Sunday School and Relief Society was probably a great lesson too, but I was called away to help in Vincent’s class because there was just one teacher and seven kids (the other teacher moved away a few weeks ago.)  It was fun.

We came home, the kids gave me cards, pictures, and cute things they made at school and church, ate some lunch, and then I napped.  Andy made the pudding pie and Elizabeth made her special fruit salad.  I forgot that I was going to have the kids paint flowerpots for our moms until I was laying down, so they did it unsupervised which means that now I get to figure out how to get pink acrylic paint out of Vincent’s Sunday clothes.  At least Abby was napping.

We went to Walla Walla for dinner with my parents and my brother’s family.  The weather was beautiful and the food was delicious.

Abby and Vincent enjoyed the dinner entertainment of their cousin running around too (and the pop).



Randomly, my mom made pie AND my brother brought two pies, so our pie fit right in.  I didn’t even know what we were eating (because I didn’t correlate) so that was funny.

Abby really liked the chocolate pudding pie.



What a messy girl, but I sure do love all of my cute, messy kids!
I already did all the laundry and that outfit of hers is fresh and clean again and ready for the next battle.

Monday night we took Shirley her flowerpot the kids painted for her.  They weren’t home, so we just dropped them off and then after our kids were in bed she and George showed up at our house to bring me my mother’s day gift of delicious cupcakes (which is pretty ironic too because that’s what my mom gave me on Sunday night!)

Monday morning after taking the girls to school, I came home and planted the garden and it started raining just as I finished.  It was nice to have a cooler day of weather after so many high temperatures (stop laughing Florida, Texas, and California! It really was hot here last week…hottest state in the country!)  I did all the laundry, sorted through Vincent and Abby’s winter to summer clothes, cleaned the bathroom, called and made some arrangements, fed myself and the kids, did the dishes, put away all the laundry (except one basket that wasn’t done until after dinner-you know I’m obsessed with laundry already, don’t you?), and made some easy dinner.  After dinner we went to Value Village to find some shirts for Trek.  I found two blouses that will work for me and Andy found two pairs of pants for him.  I also picked up two pairs of shorts for Elizabeth and a jacket for Vincent because I cannot find his blue Lightning McQueen one anywhere (do you have it?)

Although Mother’s Day is hardly ever just all wonderful and butterflies and roses for me, but this year was pretty nice.  I think it’s just hard to have the day forced on us.  It’d be better if it all just randomly happened, but realistically, it just won’t.  I DO love being a mom, especially when everyone is happy and/or sleeping.

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One response to “Mother’s Day

  1. Mary C in WA says:

    Thanks for coming to make my Mother’s Day happier. I don’t get all the hype and commercials showing all the gifts we ‘really’ want and need. I don’t agree that we need more pots and pans or a new Blender for Mother’s day, that means WORK! I’m not a fan of Breakfast in bed. AND I don’t turn down the Chocolate either. What is the name of the flower you gave me?

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