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Glow Run 5K

on May 18, 2013

I did it!  I really did it!  It was even more fun than I expected.

Before the Glow Run, Brandi (Andy’s work’s bookkeeper who ran with us at the Clot Trot) and Kristine met at my house so we could all go to the race together (which was good because there wasn’t much room for parking).


We got there a half hour before the race which left us enough time to feel a little cold in the wind and to lose Kristine to the bathroom line.  Actually, we were standing around waiting for her and eventually decided she MUST have been done by that point, so I tried to remember her cell phone number (I left my cell in her van and put her keys in my secret pocket).  I ended up calling home on Brandi’s phone to get Kristine’s number.  We finally found her just before it was time to start the race.  She was where she could hear the announcements of how many people were there.  1700 people!  I guess last year there were only 470 people, so it grew a lot!  The $30,000 raised goes to the American Cancer Society which is great.

We pushed our way into the huge group of people (not at the front) and slowly the path cleared out a little so we could jog.  None of us are much good at running, so it was really more of a jog, but it was fun.  We walked when we felt tired and still managed to finish at 40:25 minutes (with the extra .1 miles my Nike+ wristband said I did.)  My Nike+ told me that my 5K was my fastest one yet at 38 something minutes.  My goal was just to be less than 40 minutes, so I think I did it.  Yea!

Here’s the picture taken with Kristine’s phone after our run with all of our glow stuff on.  It was awesome to visit with these ladies and to do this fun run together.


Earlier in the day, I went to the school’s volunteer breakfast where the teachers at the school make breakfast for the volunteers and the school strings orchestra plays and the school choir sings for us.  It’s very nice.  Andy stayed home for an extra half hour and then dropped the girls off at school.

I came home, started Diego for Vincent and Abby and took a nap on the couch so I’d have energy later in the day.  Meanwhile, Abby who can open doors now, got into Elizabeth and Olivia’s room and took the Pet Shop Monopoly money they were playing with out to the family room and found some scissors and cut a bunch of it up.  I guess I was tired because I didn’t notice any of it happening even though she was passing right by me and it must have taken quite a long time.  Vincent now knows that he’d better tell me if she gets into their room or has scissors again.  It’s time for the childproof handle on the rooms we don’t want her to go in again!  She had a nap while I talked with a buddy on the phone for awhile which was super nice (and happens so seldom, but it totally works for us).  I miss her!

When the girls got home from school and Abby woke up, I took them over to Ally’s house so they could play while I went to the store (her kids came over Thursday while she had a haircut and she asked if I wanted to run errands alone.)  I decided that I wanted to find a new swimsuit that fit, so I broke my Kohl’s fast (I spend too much $$ there) and looked there.  I tried on a few things, but they just weren’t the right fit, style, or price so I went to Walmart to check out their suits.  Surprisingly, Walmart had a decent selection of the kind of suits I was looking for and I found one that’s perfect (for significantly less than the Kohl’s suits even on sale!)  I used part of my grocery budget to buy it, but we will still have plenty of food for the week, so don’t worry about that!  The swimsuit is black and white and is kind of a little swim dress.  It’s kind of like this one, but a different, cooler pattern.

Anyway, today was a great day.

Tomorrow is another one and it’s starting early with a Trek training.

Still on a high from running: NaDell


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