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Primary at the Temple

on May 18, 2013

Saturday morning Andy and I had a final Pa and Ma Trek training.  We were able to see a handcart like the ones we’ll be using on the trek and watch other people load it up with the supplies we are collecting.  Then we sampled some of the delicious food that our “children” will get to make us to eat on the trek.  It’s going to be so much fun.


Our meeting was at the Kennewick Stake Center next to the Temple because there is grass there and a picnic pavilion.  Our meeting was 9-10:30 and then the kids had a primary activity day at the Temple from 10:30-12, so we had to make some special arrangements.  I wore my dress all day and we dropped the kids off at some friends to play at their new house not too far from the Temple.  I went and picked the kids up as soon as I could after our meeting while Andy changed into his Sunday clothes.

We managed to get back in enough time to join the Primary at the fountain.

Elizabeth was being Abby’s buddy there.


No one was Vincent’s buddy.  He was just interested in looking and feeling the water.  Don’t worry, he didn’t fall in.

20130518_1056Beautiful day to be outside.


Everyone liked to touch the fountain.  They were trying to reach the rocks at the bottom (which I’m pretty sure are new since the last time I looked at the fountain.)



Vincent was just mesmerized with watching the water flow down the different levels of the fountain.  I can just see the gears in his brain turning trying to figure it all out.


Olivia as Abby’s buddy had a pretty good way to keep track of Abby after she got away from her a few times.


Our Primary kids in front of the Temple.  The sun was in their eyes, so this is the best shot I got.  Abby’s in the back with Elizabeth.  Vincent’s in the middle and Olivia’s in the light pink dress on the left edge.


I tried to get a picture of my four kids by the flowers.  A few of them look like this:


This is the best one.  It’ll do.



We had a picnic there and the kids played a little bit.

Home to nap (Vincent, Abby, and I) while Andy, Elizabeth, and Olivia played MarioKart until Andy went to help a new family move into our ward.

Easy Hawaiian Haystacks for dinner and then a walk around our neighborhood school (with Andy and I in our hiking boots) to wear the kids out. Baths and bed.

Good Saturday.


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