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Surprise Birthday Brunch

on May 21, 2013

I was planning on weeding my garden and flowerbeds and cleaning up my yard on Monday morning, but when we were invited to a surprise birthday brunch, we just had to go (so sad to avoid the outside chores).  Vincent took Abby along with him on his trike and I walked and pushed them some of the time to go to the party and back.

Abby and Vincent liked these giant Magnetix toys while we waited for the birthday girl to arrive with some eggs for the host (the ploy used to get her there after arranging with her husband.)


Kim was surprised and happy.  She’s  a great friend to so many people.


We all brought something to the brunch and we all feasted pretty well.


Happy birthday, Kim!


Friday while I was trying to find a swimsuit and grocery shopping, my friend Ally watched all four of my kids.  She sent me these pictures to show me that the kids were having a good time (as if it was an option that they wouldn’t have a good time at her house!)

Abby wearing a fun necklace.  She’s even looking right at the camera and smiling.  She’s so much fun.


Olivia and Elizabeth playing with Rory.


Ally and Abby making faces.


Vincent building a train track.

975220_10151610047648769_829389485_nThey are always so sad when I pick them up from Ally (and vice versa when Rory is at our house. 4 month old Luke still really likes his mom when she comes to pick him up.)

Tuesday morning I did the outside chores I avoided Monday.  I filled up the yard waste garbage the rest of the way and put the extra in our regular garbage.  I finished just before it started raining.  Dinner is made and waiting in the fridge to put in the oven after ballet.  Time to go read or nap a little before ballet.


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